The Kingdom of Chimeron is one of the more populous lands in the New England regional LARP, The Realms (formerly known as the Realms of Wonder, formerly known as the Realms). Chimeron is a land inhabited by peasants and heroes, poets and storytellers, mages and healers, humans and elves, noble ladies and fair knights. The denizens of Chimeron have dedicated themselves to protecting their land and the lands of their allies from invasions of goblins, trolls, vampires, demons, threats from beyond this plane, and any type of fairy overpopulation problem. We believe in honor, justice, questing, and doing the right thing.

Chimeron is made up of several different regions with one thing in common: All the nobles of these lands owe their fealty to His Majesty, Sir Magus Alexander Cecil, King of Chimeron. These regions include Cawdyl, Qua Taereth Nunna, the Felwood, Pax Tharkus, the Azure Guard, Darkvale, Rua Thar Cinn, Blackwater, Nymphus Yarrow, and Gryphon Hall as well as Chimeron City itself, the kingdom's capital within Chimeron Proper. The city is home to many points of interest, like the famous Bar and Wench tavern, Chimeron Castle, and the Keep of the Scarlet Torch.

Chimeron also has many organizations whose presence in the Realms is well known. There is a free standing Chimeron Militia - peasants of the land who wear the rowan branch and fight for the King when called into service; the brilliant Servants Guild who cook and serve at feasts; the Order of the Spoon, the Master Cooks guild; and the Avatars of Chimeron, the knights of this land.

The leadership of Chimeron is made up of two branches which often intersect: the House of Lords are leaders of lands and people, and the Royal House is a group which is responsible for the health and safety of the entire kingdom.

Please enter and browse as you will, taking in our celebrated traditions and memorable public houses. We take the customs of hospitality seriously, and we hardly ever kick people out for eating crackers.