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  • Updated Trappings of Civilization
    • Removed Dreamer since the spell is back
    • Updated Knightly powers to be granted in addition to a Trapping
    • Added rules for Knightly Gauntlets

  • Updated formatting of Changelog
  • Fixed the spelling of Ryu's name in Chimeronians
  • Updated the Throne Room, Royal House, and Chimeronians as of Black and White 1023
    • Champion of Chimeron now Orion
    • Saka listed as the First Mage of RTC
    • Ryu listed as the second to the Warlord
    • Pawldo listed as the Senechal
    • Cressida a full member of the Royal House, Mayumi a foster
    • Gray moved to the Sworn members of the Chimeronans page
    • Entries added to Petitioners and Militia for Jasper and N
  • Description of the Meta and OOC section in Library home page updated
  • Fixed the description of the Felwood being founded
  • Added links to Lady Indana's recipe, which link to more recipes
  • Dave M added as major plot staff for Bedlam

  • Fixed typo in Gryphon Hall description under Geography > Chimeron Proper
  • Updated May 13, 2006 timeline entry to include the name of the Duchess of Music
  • Added Site Changes subpage to OOC & Links section
  • Added Site Changes link to the Quick Links list from the Home Page

  • Initial launch
  • Fixed links on Library main page
  • Updated Kieren's pronouns in Regionals
  • Updated Rel's photo in Chimeronians