Story Shards

We believe that the Realms is a living, breathing world that extends beyond the OOC end-times of events. We also recognize that real people have only limited time in their lives to play as fantasy alter-egos. To reconcile these ideas, Rua Thar Cinn and Chimeron events often implement a system of actions, called Story Shards, in between events which allow for any level of participation, including none at all, without requiring a player to choose between engagement in the plot and their real life.

At supporting events, we will offer Trappings of Civilization, traditionally seen at Feast of Chimeron and the Black & White each year. If you have no interest in having your character interact with plot between Realms events, you may choose a Trapping as normal, granting you some small power.

If you wish, once per event we throw, you may contact us and tell us something you would like your character to do or attempt to accomplish, in between events. Please do so in a form with a permanent record, such as this Google Drive form or an email to our mailing list (story-shards at, even if you have talked to one of us in person (we would hate to forget you). Such a request must come a minimum of two weeks before an event we are throwing, but may come as soon after an event as you like.

These requests are meant to supplement the game, not replace the "Live Action" in LARP, so their extent is limited. We always reserve the right to tell you something happens that differs from your expected outcome, or to simply say "No." This does not preclude you from asking for an alternative, of course.

Reasonable requests include, but are not limited to:

  • Researching something, whether in a library, searching taverns for rumors, or even specialized uses of the Dreaming

  • Talking with an NPC

  • Casting Seer spells

  • Experimenting with unusual magics or magic items

  • Preparations for a ritual which will be cast as part of an Intervention or Ritual of Banishment at an upcoming event

For any action, the relevant plot marshals will decide how the results occur. You may receive a packet of information at the beginning of an event, an email answer or discussion, or even, if both you and one of us are interested and have the time, a small scene played out over instant messenger or email. Such an equest will never be required to participate fully in the plot. If, during the resolution of an action, we determine that something has occurred which cannot be resolved outside of an event, we will let you know and arrange for it to be played out, most likely as part of an upcoming event. In particular, attacking an NPC will always occur in a live action setting.

You get a new action after every one of our events, but if you took an action between our last event and one you are checking in at, you must choose the "Career Adventurer" Trapping. Actions cannot be "saved up," as they represent the time in between events, which passes whether you use it or not.

If you use multiple Story Shards without hitting events in between them, we are more likely to require that you show up in order to receive the results.