Spellcasters whose magic resonates with the lands they travel will find five varieties of regional magic within Chimeron. These varieties center around themes core to the people of Chimeron and the nature of their lands. Any spellcaster may attune to one of these themes, and may choose different themes from day to day, but not multiple themes concurrently. The themes and their spells are described in detail below. Any questions about Chimeron's regionals can be directed to the Court Mage, Magus Janus Kil'tra of Rua Thar Cinn.


  In Chimeron, the magic of Family is tied to the many, close-knit groups that have come together to make Chimeron the wide-branching tree that it is.

1st Circle: Qua Taereth Nunna's Tact (1 use)

Magic is frowned upon in Qua Taereth Nunna. Shake a weapon at something and say "Pas, or else." They can either let you pass, or start the fight. If they start the fight, it doesn't waste the casting.

2nd Circle: House Sorbus' Self Improvement (1 use)

Go up to the magic marshal and assign yourself a quest. Upon its completion, the magic marshal may give you a boon based on the difficulty of the quest and how well you completed it.

3rd Circle: Rua Thar Cinn's Break Reality (2 uses)

Disenchant as per the spell, though if you can't get to the target object (or don't want to touch it), you can say the 30 word verbal, then say "Disenchant!" while throwing the "null magic" in a magic missile prop.

3rd Circle: Gryphon Hall's Protection (3 uses)

With a 30 word verbal, you may place a sash labeled "Protection" on another person. If you cast this spell on a person who is not in any nation, you may recast it on them once without spending a use. This spell cannot be cast upon the same target while a prior use remains on them. The target is protected from one damaging, non-missile attack of their choice. When the effect is used, the protected person must say "Protection" and the sash must be removed soon afterward.

4th Circle: Azure Guard's Escort (1 use)

You may escort someone who you are close with. Tell them you are casting this spell on them, and if they are dead and out of sight, you can call out "[Name], are you dead?" and if they are dead they have the choice of answering "Yes" or remaining silent. You may only cast this on one person, but you can check if they're dead unlimited times. Both you and the target may yell.

5th Circle: Pax Tharkus' Hard Day's Work (1 use)

The people of Pax Tharkus truly work hard, and tend to specialize. You may choose one of your spells of 4th Circle or lower, and the magic marshal will improve it somehow. It is up to the marshal if one learning or all learnings of the chosen spell are improved.

6th Circle: Chimeron is Family

Bannerspell - Fly your banner, and it will affect your group. If you are a part of the group, this effect affects you. You can't have this not affect a member of the group.

  Known Bannerspells:

  • Chimeron: For King & Country
  • Rua Thar Cinn: The Oncoming Storm
  • Azure Guard: Azure Charge
  • The Realms: Come Forth…
  • Healer's Guild: Everybody Lives
  • The Guild of the Bearded Mage: Beard Tug Shenanigans…
  • Saurabia: Jurassic Perk

History and Tradition

  Chimeron is a land with a storied past, both before and after the parting of the mists. The spells of History and Tradition are focused on long standing traditions and some of the most notable events of the current era, such as the coronation of a king, or the yearly Black and White Masquerade Festival.

1st Circle: Ritual of Light (Unlimited uses)

Light as per the spell, but can leave the range of your voice (must have a bag to travel w/ it or thick pockets, etc. in the event of a Disrupt Light casting. It is only disrupted if a person near the light spell hears the Disrupt Light go off.)

2nd Circle: Pyr Became of the Blood (1 use)

Pyr was a Knight of Eagles Rook. You can keep a portal open or closed an additional 10 seconds. There must be a time limit for this to work. You can not open or close the portal, just keep it the way it is for an additional 10 seconds, and this only works for magical gates/portals (it won’t work on a doorway, for example).

3rd Circle: Birth of the Prince (5 uses)

Raise Dead, as per the spell.

4th Circle: Dance of the Dead (1 use)

You may perform a dance to get a spirit’s attention. The spirit will give you information based on how impressive the dance is.

5th Circle: Founding of Chimeron (1 use)

Meg walked into the lands of Chimeron, and the mists parted revealing Chimeron. You may walk someplace where you would not normally be able to walk once (for example, you may walk across a pit or cut through a wall, etc.). This may or may not work with all kinds of terrain, walls, etc. Check with a marshal to see if this spell works on a type of wall or pit.

6th Circle: Sir Pyr, Oracle of the Deep Fae (1 use)

King Pyr was the monarch in place before King Alexander Cecil. He went on to become the oracle of the deep fae. You may ask the Oracle of the Deep Fae one question.


  Many Chimeronians have moved on in one way or another. Some of their deeds and reasons for leaving us have been memorialized through this path of magic within the Kingdom.

1st Circle: Kieren’s Time (1 use)

A new adventurer, but one who deserves to be remembered. Kieren lived in the moment for their last breaths, and they extended ours. This allows that moment to last longer. Add time to something. Remember, this is a pool spell, so it may only be limited to a second or two, or it may expand it further, based on what the count was for. If you don’t have time to talk to a marshal, it adds one second to the count.

2nd Circle: Cuchulain’s Truth (1 use)

One Question, try to keep it short. (*Marshal note: this is a 2nd Circle spell, so if Owen or Cuchulain would not really know the requested information, reflect that.*)

3rd Circle: Pol Coville’s Magic (3 uses)

Cantrip, as per the spell.

3rd Circle: Altana’s Legacy (2 uses)

Enfeeble Being, as per the spell. If you point at the target with a fan, the verbal is “I declare you mundane, Enfeeble Being!”

4th Circle: Val’s Last Gift (1 use)

When activated, you get 5 uses of Combat Raise Dead. If you cast any spell other than those combat raises, any remaining uses are lost.

4th Circle: Sir Daniel Roseblade’s (Sir Quick’s) Faith (1 use)

Seance as per the spell, but it goes to Aurora.

5th Circle: Valor and Service

Are you a knight, squire, both, or neither?

If a Knight:

Sir Lars’ Honor ( 1 use)

  You may magically place a geas on a person, with their permission, to do something (or not do something). Nothing can magically compel the person to give permission for this spell, and due to this, once cast, nothing can prevent the spell from effecting its target or remove the spell other than the original spellcaster.

If a Squire:

Squire Shoshanna and Squire Reede Bluestar’s Loyalty (Unlimited)

  You are considered to always be at your knight's side. You may cast any spell on your knight as if you were touching them. Additionally, if for any reason your knight gets stuck somewhere (behind a gate for example), you may use this to go to their side (talk to the EH/MM to try and use this power). This won’t get you out of the problem though, only into it.

If both: choose between the Knight or Squire options.

If neither:

Sir Fletch’s Sacrifice (Unlimited)

 30 word verbal. You may take the following onto yourself curing another of it: Death, disease, poison, and wounds. This may be used to take on a soul rending, but you voluntarily accept a tick. Nothing can force you to do this.


Lord Adyan's Skill (4 uses)

 Armor Piercing, as per the spell.

6th Circle: Queen Meg and Heron, Her Guardian (1 use)

Queen Meg was strong while she adventured, but when Oberon attacked the hill, it was realized a guardian was needed, and Heron took up that mantle.

Choose a person to protect. While within 5 feet of them and they are alive, you gain TWO of the following advantages (you can’t take the same one twice):

  • Your weapon restriction is bumped up one notch.
  • You have one point sectional armor.
  • Access to the spell Ward: Enchanted Beings.
  • Ability to wield a shield outside of your restriction (a three path may wield the shield and their dagger, a one or two path can wield a shield and a single short in their restriction).

You may take a single additional advantage if you take one of the following disadvantages:

  • If the person you are protecting dies or is rendered soulless, you are also dead and/or soulless.
  • After Activating the spell, you may not leave the line of sight of the person (with exception of OOC reasons such as using the restroom) or the spell ends and can not be recast until a spell reset.
  • You have access to none of your other spells while protecting the person.

6th Circle: The Wind of Nero (1 use)

As Nero once did, so can you. You may make yourself insubstantial like the wind once. While like this nothing may touch you, and you may not touch anything. You may cast spells such as Raise Dead, but if a component is to touch or hand a target anything the spell can not work. Similarly spells such as Magic Missile do not work. If you get in the way of combat repeatedly, the spell is forcibly ended. You may voluntarily end the spell with a slow 10 count aloud.


  Full of ever-shifting soft spots, Chimeron is inextricably connected to the realm of Fae. Some of the natural (and not-so-natural) magic of Fae can be accessed by spellcasters within the Kingdom.

1st Circle: Steal Corpse (5 uses)

Zombie Walk as per the spell, except the target may run and is not considered undead.

2nd Circle: Court Rules (1 use)

20 word verbal. You may actively lie for the first minute while under the effects of a truth poison. This spell may be cast in advance and will activate if a truth poison affects the spellcaster.

3rd Circle: Changeling Touch (2 uses)

Have a target prepare a "Prepared Shot/ Weapon call" for you to witness. Your next attack may make the same call that was prepared.

4th Circle: Fae Deal (1 use)

When making a deal with someone you must shake hands with them while your fingers are crossed behind your back to activate the spell. The target of the spell can be given a piece of paper with a compulsion on it as per Death Wish. May not be used in a way that can be counted as OOC theft.

5th Circle: Faerie Lights (3 uses)

Props- Unlimited Verbal: "Magic Missile"

Magic Missile as per the spell, except with unlimited props which must light up or have light spells in them. Props can also work as a light spell. If any effect stops or disrupts lights you may not cast this spell until that effect ends.

6th Circle: Bring the Dream (1 use, see a marshal)

You may choose to sacrifice something to empower this spell. A bigger sacrifice MAY cause a bigger effect. You can make a large change in a small area for a short time or make a small change for a long time in a large area.


  Sir Shane left his mark on Chimeron before becoming the Avatar of War during the Ascension War. His influence is still felt throughout the land.

1st Circle: Illiterate (Unlimited, ongoing)

HAHA, you can’t read! Including your spellbook.

2nd Circle: Ask Shane (1 use)

You get one question – make it quick!

3rd Circle: Plaid Armored Cloak (1 garment)

Armored Cloak as per the spell, but the fabric must be plaid.

4th Circle: Knight of the Crown (1 use)

You may heal one character of any and all harm up to and including death.

5th Circle: Knight of the Eternal Flame (1 use)

You have one pre-cast call of Resist Death. It may not be recast.

6th Circle: Warrior’s Heart (1 use)

You are a full 2-point fighter in every way; you may only cast spells from the Shane path. You are not enchanted and may not learn spells (or spell alternatives) at the event.