Trappings of Civilization

  At times of great significance, all of us are able to strive a little further and reach our greater potential. As a result, these will be available at most of our events.

  Some parts of Chimeron are less civilized or settled than others, such as parts of Darkvale. Not all trappings are immediately available in these areas, and may require work to recover them.

  "Limited" professions may only be chosen by those who qualify for them.

  Trappings do not make you an enchanted being unless otherwise stated.


You command more resources than just a little gold in your pocket, whether from a loyal nation or a recent big score. This Trapping gives you a representation of your resources, to spend as you will.


Once per hour, you may create one Death Poison or apply "Poison" to your own weapon as per the spell Create Poison.

Battle-Hardened Veteran

You are so experienced in combat that you can make the best use of your armor possible. Armor piercing blows are no more damaging to your armor than standard sword blows. To notify your opponent that you are not cheating, add "Hardened" before your armor call when responding to an armor-piercing blow (e.g. "Hardened Armor 1, Leg").


At the local Forge, you may repair unlimited items. This requires 30 seconds of hammering on the anvil, and armor may not be worn while it is being repaired.


You may make one swing of Armor Piercing, hit or miss, per hour. This is subject to the Combat Calls Caveat.


Using the herbs in the Apothecary, you may craft unlimited potions of "Raise Mostly Dead". Thankfully, the corpses brought to you are only mostly dead. So long as the potion is used immediately after creation, you may raise one corpse with it. These potions take 30 seconds to craft and lose their magical properties if removed from the apothecary.


You may cast one 1st circle pool spell as if you have it. If you are not already an Enchanted Being, this profession makes you one.


As an unlimited effect, you can perform funeral rites upon any corpse. The ritual must be done sitting or kneeling within 2 feet of the corpse, contain at least 30 words, and the mortician cannot have any weapons in hand. When complete, the player of the corpse must accept a Protect the Soul effect that ends as soon as the corpse is raised. This protection can be disenchanted as per the spell.


As a professional soldier, you can jury-rig your own armor back to a semi-usable state. Taking 30 seconds to repair one section (as per Repair Armor), it can be restored to one-point status. You may not repair armor up to full two-point status this way. You may do this unlimited times.

Pirate Wealth Reallocation Specialist

You may full search bodies in 60 seconds, rather than the usual 120 seconds. Every time you search someone, you count as a new person.


While preaching your word at the city common or tavern, you may cast unlimited Cure Diseases, as per the spell.


By tying a 3 foot length of bandage around an injured limb, the recipient may act as if a Heal Limb spell has just been cast on that limb. The bandage must remain on until an actual Heal Limb spell is cast on the injured limb. Prematurely removing the bandage re-injures the limb. Each limb may only have one bandage at a time.


You may use the spell Deep Pockets as if you have it. (You need the stuff for the spell, too -- you shouldn't be calling yourself this if you don't have the equipment.)

Smooth Talker

You may use the spell Pas as if you have it.


You may use the spell Speak as if you have it.

Limited Professions

Queen of Hearts Champion / Blue Rose Blademaster / Best of the Best / Order of the List

If you won one of the above, you may use the spell Resist Death as if you know the spell - 3 CASTINGS ONLY

Queen of Hearts Champion Mage

You may use the spell Resist magic as if you know the spell - 3 CASTINGS ONLY. This may stack with the actual spell Resist Magic if you know it, but not if it is granted from a magic item.

Queen of Hearts Ace

A Queen of Hearts Ace winner may cast a particular spell according to their Suit, using their Ace Chip as a Material Component for the spell.

  • Spades: May cast Armor Piercing on the weapon of any other Ace, target should return MC to caster after using the swing
  • Hearts: May cast Seed of Life on any other Ace, target should return MC to caster once alive
  • Clubs: May cast Enchant Armor on any other Ace
  • Diamonds: May cast Protect the Soul on any other Ace

Sashed Bard

If you have received a sash for performing during Feast of Chimeron's annual bardic exhibition, you may give a performance while wearing the sash. Once per event, if the performance is spectacular enough that a marshal comes to witness it of their own volition, the marshal will grant you and/or your audience a benefit at the marshal's discretion. If a marshal is not drawn to your performance, this Trapping is not spent.

Servants Guilder

If you are a sash-carrying member of the Servant's Guild, then whenever you wear your white sash, any food or drink you serve is incapable of transmitting poison or disease.

If you are serving at a feast or other event with a designated staff member in charge of food, then be certain to check in with them. Normally, this will allow you to take the power of another Trapping alongside this one, as a thank you for serving at the event.

Knightly Powers

In addition to a Trapping of Civilization and the Omnibus-backed powers of Knights of the Eternal Flame and Knights of the Realms, Knights of the following orders may claim their traditional knightly power. Knights who belong to multiple of these orders may claim the powers for each of those orders.

  • Avatars of Chimeron
  • Knights of Blackwood
  • Knights of the Blue Rose
  • Knights of Chaos (until a marshal tells you to stop)
  • Knights of the Crown
  • Knights of Dragonsbane/Creathorne
  • Knights of Eagle's Rook
  • Knights of Garm
  • Knights of the Red Branch
  • Knights of the Sable Dragon
  • Magi of the Realms

(If you would like your knighthood to be on this list, please contact us at ruatharcinn, at, and we can discuss your power. As it effectively gives members of your order access to an exclusive power at our events, this must always be carefully considered.)


Knights of three or more recognized orders, including KoEF and KoR, may have one use of the spell Raise Dead cast into each of two gauntlets or gloves they are wearing, converting it to a use of Combat Raise Dead. When casting Combat Raise Dead in this way, the Knight must touch the target of the spell with the gauntleted/gloved hand holding the spell being used. Having this ability available does not make the Knight enchanted, but the spell cannot be cast while crossing another character's Circle of Protection.