Community Links


Chimeron is one of the In Character nations that exists within the New England regional LARP, The Realms. This link brings you to the Realmsnet site, which contains information about upcoming events that are available to everyone throughout the Realms (not just Chimeron), the rules we play by, current and past maps, contact information for relevant community members, and more. You will need to create a log-in to access some of this information, but you will not get emails unless you sign up for mailing lists.

Library of Ivory

The Library of Ivory is an In Character repository of plot and world building information that players have been contributing to since the 90s. This is a community curated site, and any information within - unless marked otherwise - can be taken as information a character may know.

The View from Valehaven

The View from Valehaven is the Realms newspaper. Some of the information posted is in character, some is out of character, and some is considered both. Most community members may contribute articles.

Realms Outfitters

This shop is run by Meg M, also known as Kyomi in character. Realms Outfitters accepts both real-world money and in character coins. The items typically for sale include garb, both handmade and generally produced, bags, leather goods, familiars, jewelry, feast gear, and more. The Realms Outfitters may be found online on their Facebook page.

You may also contact Meg M directly via email at to ask about supply and availability.