Traditions of Chimeron

Past Laws

In the past, the Laws of Chimeron included, “A lady is still a lady, until proven otherwise, and then she is still a lady.”

This law was created in a time where many members of Chimeron’s royalty did not conform to the expectations many held of women at the time. While a reading of this law today may indicate to some that the choice of presentation and self-identification is taken away from people, in the past this was almost the opposite. This enforced that although ladies of Chimeron may act in ways others did not see as befitting of feminine nobility, they should still be respected and treated as the nobility they are.

Past Events

Many of the past events of Chimeron are recorded in our library, including a partially complete timeline. We also have a history of adventures happening in our lands. Some of these are documented in Events, and some in Storylines.

The King's Cup

His Majesty, King Alexander Cecil of Chimeron, declared the beginning of a new tradition:

The King’s Cup

The one who holds The King’s Cup has the ear of the king, free of bureaucratic formalities.

The views and ideas of the one who holds The King’s Cup will be heard, listened to, respected, and considered by the Crown.

The protocol for obtaining and transferring The King’s Cup is outlined below:

The King’s Cup will change hands through martial challenge.
The terms of the challenge must be agreed upon by challenger and holder.
The challenge must draw blood.

Any sworn member of Chimeron may challenge the current holder for The King’s Cup.
Militia-members and petitioners may challenge the current holder for The King’s Cup, and retain it until they are challenged or until they leave their service to the crown.
Any individual may ask a Chimeronian champion to fight on their behalf and thus speak on their behalf.

An individual may challenge for The King’s Cup once per event.
When won, The King’s Cup cannot be challenged for the rest of the event.
The holder of The King’s Cup is expected to bring it to all events attended and is to be prepared to be challenged for it.
If the holder of The King’s Cup is unable to bring The King’s Cup to events for a long period of time, The King’s Cup is to be returned to the current Champion of Chimeron, making them its holder.

The Champion of Chimeron

Each year at the Black and White Masquerade, a Champion of Chimeron is chosen from all current sworn members, petitioners, and militia members who are present and wish to compete. The method to determine the next Champion is determined by the current Champion, who is excluded from competing. As a result, no individual may serve as Champion for more than one year at a time.

The Holiday Swap

Annual Chimeron and Friends Holiday Party Yankee Swap
Revised Semi-Cutthroat Ruleset

Every participant selects a number, with the highest number being the number of participants in the swap.

The round always ends with someone unwrapping a gift.
Person #1 can only unwrap a gift
Subsequent participants may choose to steal a gift from someone else
When your gift is stolen, you may either unwrap a present or steal from someone else
After the third steal, the person who was stolen from must unwrap a gift
You may not steal back a gift that was stolen that round
An individual may not steal any individual gift more than three times over the course of the game.

Participant #1 has the opportunity to begin a final stealing cascade with a trade following the turn of the last participant (when all gifts are unwrapped)