Main Throne Room

The Crown

His Majesty
King Sir Magus Alexander Cecil
  Coronated April 9, 1011
  Among many titles: Knight of the Realms. Knight of the Eternal Flame. Magus of the Realms

His Court


Sir Sakariasvafnir Keeneye of Rua Thar Cinn
 Appointed at Feast of Chimeron XXIII, April 25, 1015   Second to the Warlord: Squire Saruyn Goldscale, Appointed at Black and White 1023


Lady Cressida
 Appointed 1023


  Currently Commander Sir Orion as of October 1022
 The tournament for the Champion occurs every Black & White


Lady Cressida
 Appointed Feast of Chimeron, 1022

Royal Blacksmith

Lady Tarnisha
 Appointed originally at Pyr’s coronation, reappointed 1023

Court Mage

Magus Janus Kil'tra
  Appointed at the coronation of King Alexander Cecil, April 9, 1011

Master Chronicler

Count Ser Kovaks
 Appointed at Feast of Chimeron XVI, May 10, 1011

Count Diviner
  Appointed 1012