Yearly Events


Feast of Chimeron

 This is Chimeron’s yearly feast, with light questing during the day and a large feast following court during the evening. This has in the past been a full three-day event, with full days of questing along with the feasting, but was split from Chimeron Questing after the 2016 season. Every ten years or so, the Feast of Chimeron becomes “Hunt it! Kill it! Eat it!” where the questing is dialed up a couple of notches, and small adventuring parties hunt, kill, and then eat a variety of creatures from murderous faerie cows to living cheese, as the puns run rampant.

Black and White

 This event is Chimeron’s yearly masquerade ball to celebrate the Day of the Dead, when the veil between the lands of the living and the lands of the dead is at its thinnest. During the day, many events happen around the site, from the Champion of Chimeron Tournament, plot teasers from Event Holders across the Realms, a newbie tournament and scavenger hunt, and more, as well as an extensive rotating day board with a wide variety of tasty food. Once the sun begins to set, adventurers get ready for the ball, bringing out the fancy garb and masks to hide their identities from the specter of Death that sometimes walks among us. The Ball begins with Chimeron Court and then breaks way to dancing, more food, raffles, and plot until the night grows late.

The Gilded Lion and Silver Branch Summer Festival

 This event is thrown as a joint effort with Matt Brenner and Jason Rosa, the leaders of Chimeron and Rhiassa. This one-day event is meant to be relaxing low-stakes fun, with time dedicated to crafting, learning new skills, fun team fights, and eating tasty food while others are invited to throw plot seeds and otherwise have a good time. One can get tickets by participating in activities during the day, and it ends with a dart-throwing event where every balloon popped contains a receipt for gold participants can collect from King Cecil and Lord Aeston.

Tournaments of the Branch

 The first event of the Tournaments of the Branch was the First of October, 2022. This tournament was originally conceived of by Hillary Fotino, who saw support from others in creating and marshaling challenges. These tournaments aim to exemplify the honorable competitive spirit of the Realms. At these events, casters may swap over to being a fighter for the event, and fighters may pick up spells. Each competitor, in keeping with the elevated theatrical spirit of the tournaments, must be announced before the finals of their competition. Additionally, the field is split between knights and those without claim to that title. Vendors and camp setups are encouraged at this annual event, and it is set up such that the tournament becomes a spectator sport and a chance to highlight individuals’ skills.


Chimeron Questing

 The first Chimeron event tradition is often cited as the Feast of Chimeron. At some point this feast evolved into a two to three day event with questing and a feast right in the middle, usually Saturday evening. Regardless of the exact schedule, for many years there was a serious Saturday dayquest and nightquest.

 The event went more intense around the Rites of War, in that FoChim 15 was a "24-hour live site", where groups needed to post a watch in their cabins because goblins actually might come in and stab characters in the middle of the night and such. Feast of Chimeron 10 was a big Fae Plot deal: Queen Meg went under the hill, people were competing to be the new monarch, and there were enemy Fae NPCs competing to be the new monarch and take over.

 Post-Bedlam, groups in Chimeron tried a few things, including RTC running the big opener for RK plot at one of them. Eventually, people felt like it was too much work to use the current formula of "Saturday dayquest, extreme coordination difficulties to make dinner happen at just the right time, then Saturday nightquest, then Sunday dayquest meaning kitchen cleanup is complicated''. Thus, Chimeron Questing was created, splitting off from the feasting logistics. Feast of Chimeron still had light questing, but Chimeron Questing was then the main questing event.

 The history of the Feast of Chimeron is the history of Chimeron Questing, up until the split after 2016. The quests run often had to do with Fae, and Chimeron’s connections with that plane. Occasionally, plot beginning or endings would be hosted at the questing portion of the feast, including Queen Meg going Under the Hill or King Pyr stepping down.

Green and Gold

 Green and Gold ran annually from 1999 to 2016, by a shifting staff of Chimeronians. The format was that of the daytime tournament and nightquest. This tournament involved two teams whose split would be decided based upon who was attending. Those in the more seasoned category were gold, those with working joints were green. Each team would pick a general, and there would be war maneuvers all day. There would be occasional variations on the formula, like a greater number of teams, but the general idea stayed the same throughout the seventeen year run.

 For more perspectives on the event, please see some Realmsies’ favorite moments, as published in The View from Valehaven.