In the long history of Chimeron, the nation has boasted its share of adventurers of note; nobles, mages, warriors, scholars, bards, practitioners of holy arts, and folks with far too much humility to accept these sorts of praises. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all of those who have called Chimeron their home, but featured here are many active adventurers and heroes, and some from the past, along with petitioners and militia members.
While many of the storied adventurers listed below wrote or reviewed the descriptions of their accolades and other assorted facts, observant readers will note that some of the entries here were written by others (notably Jean Baptise, wordsmith extraordinaire).

Alexander Cecil

 To accurately detail the life and times of King Alexander Cecil, knight and magus, would take a book at least. The account here is simply a brief listing of his achievements and experiences.

 Alexander Cecil first came to the adventuring fold in August of 995, at the second annual Queen of Hearts, a yearly tradition which has carried on to this day. He competed in the ‘newbie’ tournament that weekend, and won, setting the tone for the rest of his career. Eight years later he joined Chimeron outright at the Feast of Rhiassa in 1003, bringing the lands of Pax Tharkus with him. Two years later, this group was formally recognized as a subnation of Chimeron. Alexander Cecil was coronated on April 9 of 1011.

 Throughout his long adventuring career, King Cecil has dealt with the Bainen, deposed the goddess Reien, and battled against Pathos. He has saved Rel and many other adventurers, and helped Rhiassa more times than can be counted. Against him and those standing with him, enemies like The Champion, the Shadow King, Jonas Cooke, Xermarx, and recently Rexan have fallen.

 It is not all death and destruction though. As a professor emeritus at Highbridge University he has overseen and helped run feasts there. Chimeron has enjoyed over a decade of wonderful Black & Whites and Feasts of Chimeron. Any biographer would also be remiss to exclude the many Yule celebrations of some variation on the words “A Very Merry Yule at” and Uncle Cecil’s Crazy Tavern. Or perhaps Crazy Uncle Cecil’s Tavern. Maybe Crazy Cecil’s Uncle’s Tavern. Regardless, these celebrations are a wonderful winter wrap up to the questing season.

 Beyond those already listed, King Cecil has many titles, some of which are listed below. Recounting the circumstances under which he achieved each would bring this close to the aforementioned book-length. Some titles may be omitted as well.

King of Chimeron

Knight Commander of the Knights of the Realms

Knight of the Eternal Flame

Magus of the Realms

Master of the Spoon

Avatar of the Beast

Champion of Dionin

Rightful Bearer of the Staff of the Wheel

Wielder of Remedy

Divine Center of the Truar Spheres

Final Incarnation of the Wheel

He Who Brought About the Golden Age

Hated Enemy, Disciple, and Slayer of the Dragon Goddess of Time


Prince of Swords

Mad King

Savior of the Multiverse

End of the Mandrakes

Destroyer of Planes

Slayer of Dragons


Apprentice of the Dark Mage

Student Under Guilda Thalax

Professor Emeritus at the University of Highbridge

Everyone’s Favorite Uncle

 He also leads the Avatars of Chimeron, the Royal House of Chimeron, and the House of Lords of Chimeron.


 Formally a Dark One worshiper working under Rev. Gave up the void, the void has not given up on them. Turned undead by Zargon, the Stonewood god of undead, and is a member of Lux Solaris under Laika.

 [Written by Jean-Baptise]


 Alex first stumbled upon Chimeron Militia practices near the end of 1009. Shortly after, he began his adventuring life by taking part in the assault on Wayland's fortress. As well as adventuring, Alex has come to enjoy feasting and partying, as he has discovered a love for food, drink, and women.

 Previous titles include Sergeant in the Chimeron Militia, Captain of the Chimeron King's Guard, and squire to Sir Iawen Penn, KoEF. Alex is a member of the Azure Guard. He enjoys long fights on the Folkestone beach and bridge battles.


 Alias is an up-and-coming alchemist in the Realms. He began petitioning the Cerulean Company in 1022, and is now a member of this subnation. First training as Sir Orion’s page, he is now a squire to Baron Diamond under the Knights of the Sable Dragon. If you are ever looking for Alias at a tournament or feast, he will be with the newest casters, making sure they understand how the magic of our Realms works and finding them teachers.


 Lady Aranel tel’Sgiathatch Purpleclaw comes from a proud lineage of purple dragons and wood elves. She first began adventuring at the 1015 Queen of Hearts, and later swore to Felwood during a Black and White. In her free time she enjoys attracting more dragons of various sizes and dispositions, though most are still purple.


 Arryn Thornswell first came to adventuring during the Ashen Bounty quest of 1014. In 1016 she began petitioning Clan Rua Thar Cinn, befitting of a combat mage like her. In 1018 she led Team Storm Queen at Queen of Hearts, and in 1022, despite some difficulties in facing the dead god, she fought in the Battle for Darkvale.


 Baledor Firekin came from a typical family, in a typical part of the world. He was somewhat of a woodsman and hunter. On one winter hunting trip, he discovered that he had influence over fire. He cultivated this power, and learned to emulate many Sorceries and Abjurations. One teacher in particular inspired a closer examination of the way he interacted with fire. It was the base energies within the fire that were actually responding, and with that realization, he found the same base energies in all things. After much practice, he was able to emulate nearly any spell he commonly saw, and could even manipulate the world on a more free-form and powerful level.

 He now counts himself among the clan of Rua Thar Cinn of Chimeron, and is a recognized Journeyman Mage by the Magi of the Realms, and the University of Highbridge.


 Captain Bogen Goldforge joined the realms and the Militia in 1019, becoming the Lieutenant of the Militia in 1021. Later, Bogen was sworn in to Chimeron and made the militia captain at the Feast of Chimeron in 1023. He is a founding member of the Cerulean Company. In his time adventuring, he has become engaged in solving time snarls, fought against corruption in the Fortress of Doors, and was recognized for his achievements in May of 1022 when he was squired to King Cecil. He currently lives in the Silvan Sanctuary Farming Commune, as a founding member.


 Magus Bright Oakfellow has been adventuring since 997. Magus of the Realms, Knight of the Eternal Flame, Royal House, Knight of the Realms, host of Black and White. You ever wonder why every year the Yule mailbox changes? That is Bright using his magic and might to forcibly try to hold back the tide of Yule music and kitschy merchandising. It is a losing battle, but one he shoulders, lest Temorse be forced to bear his burden.

 [Written by Jean-Baptise]


 Brynn, Battle Princess: A member of QTN, the reason why the term “Slay” is preceded by “Queen”. Was adventuring before you were born, and by the time you finish reciting her titles you’ll end up an oldbie.

 [Written by Jean-Baptise]


 Yakoshinji Buredan was raised in the traditional samurai custom, with his brother Takumi. Each brother had their own special talents. While Buredan excelled with any weapon he trained in, Takumi could forge like few others. When the time came for Buredan to forge his own path, Takumi crafted him a fine set of blades, and with these he set out to honor his family and breathe life into the blades with the story he would discover.

 He began training with the Heroes of the Realms as they gathered at the Chimeron Barracks. He learned much from them, and melded the western arts of swordplay with his eastern training. He joined them in adventures and tested himself against many foes, of more types and from more planes than he could have imagined before.

 He encountered the race known as the Insectifae. He learned of their plight, and their fight for survival, of how their spirits needed guardians to aid them against forces of hatred that would destroy them. He volunteered to guard the spirit known as Baldaquin, and helped see him and the other spirits through to their regrowth into their corporeal form.

 He later joined the Azure Guard of Chimeron after fighting by their side in the Fae Wars, to restore the true King of Faerie.


Princess Cimone; Captain, Avatar, Princess

Avatar of Chimeron

Member of the Royal House of Chimeron

Guardian of D'Amandes

Danger Duo 2

Mistress of the Many Hats

 Dame Cimone of the Azure Guard of Chimeron

 Half of the (in)famous (and musically commemorated) Danger Duo, Cimone first encountered the Realms through the Chimeron Militia fight practice, and the Black & White Masquerade Ball of '03 as a simple farmers daughter off to hopefully see some of the fantastical things the bards songs and stories told of. She fairly quickly fell in with Owen McKrye and chose to join Chimeron several years later as part of his newly formed fighting group, the Azure Guard, which was officially founded at the Feast of Chimeron XIV in 1006. She took over leadership and became Captain of the Guard when he ascended to kingship of fae in the spring of '07.

 She also followed in Owen's footsteps in becoming Warlord of Chimeron at King Pyr's request the following year, a position she was reaffirmed into by King Cecil at his coronation.

 Following the war with the Aspis over Darkvale in '11, King Cecil chose to elevate her to the Avatars of Chimeron for her actions in leading that engagement. Some time after she stepped down as Warlord, King Cecil named Cimone a Princess.

 Cimone was the final Guardian D’Amandes as the Realms sought to restore the Insectafae parent spirits to their proper tree forms. This resulted in her being MIA for more than six months and returning as a fae instead of the human she started out as when people found and woke her in Argyll the following spring.

 As a fighter, her preferred weapons styles are sword and round shield or pike but she will pick up most other styles as needed. After years as a fighter, in April 1013 apparently Fae decided she should have spells during the yearly late winter magic surge. After some initial confusion, Cimone decided to accept Fae’s decision for her until she had cause to actively wish to be a fighter again. She continued to have magic (mostly healing and blacksmithing) until she felt the need to forcibly revert to being a fighter while rescuing Rekees from the Sluah in early fall 1019. Cimone can be counted on nowadays to be carrying heavier weaponry.

 Cimone is a sash wearing member of the Servants Guild, a member of the Huntress Guild, and is an inactive member of the Healers Guild, due to a personal current lack of magic. She can often be found around Chimeron Castle, or messages can be left for her there.


 The Historian Chronicler of Chimeron, so you’d think she’d be writing this. A member of House Sorbus (The reason I spent three years thinking “Saurabia” was in Chimeron). Also a werewolf, but dies less than Pawldo though.

 [Written by Jean-Baptise]


 Cressida ventured into the Realms in 1016, originally from Night Sky, landing in the Realms as The Grain of Sand. She started petitioning Chimeron around 1017 and joined Felwood. She became Royal Bard of Chimeron and joined the Bardic Collegium early in her career and recently received the title of Herald. She is also a recent initiate to the Lunar Aegis and foster to the Royal House. She has been acknowledged by the crown for her work with newcomers to adventuring. She also works to advance different bardic styles by training up and coming bards. If you need a game show host or improv story teller, she is your bard.


 When Crispin stepped out of Danann and into Faerie, following the light of Cuchulain, they didn't quite make it to the courts. Rather they arrived in the forests of Faerie, alone. For a while they lived on their own out in the forests, and eventually traveled their way into the courts. They did not really fit in very well with the courts, although they did end up joining the Unseelie court. They made a few friends, most of whom now reside in Danann. During their time in the courts, they learned about Tara Harkon, now Fae Eternal, and developed an unnaturally large hero worship of her. Eventually, they wandered out into the Realms, before Bedlam attacked the courts and ended up in the invasion force. They finally began to venture out among the lands, helping those who needed it. They have made strong connections with a few people, and were squired to the Blue Rose and Knight Protectors of Fae, and became a member of Gryphon Hall.


 DelHemar is a Jann, from the Far western deserts. He came to the realms in 1008, at the age of 92, seeking a life of adventure and service that had been denied him in his homeland. In combat he sheds his mortal flesh, and becomes a spectral soldier, fighting with spell and sword. He spent a few years sailing on the Night Lance, first as its boson, then as the captain. Eventually he turned his attention toward land. Years later he joined House Sorbus, swearing his vows to Chimeron at UCCT in 1019. He assisted in the reclaiming and healing of Darkvale, and was named Baron of Sorbus in 1022.


 Devyn first was introduced to adventuring at the Black and White of 1011. She began petitioning Gryphon Hall two years later. While she is a squire to the Knights of the Crown, her true crowning achievement involves making incredible soups for Black and White, and gaining the nickname “the Soup Elf”.


 Ezmerelda Chandler was born in a small village in an isolated valley to the east of Ivory. When she started having strange visions of things she couldn't possibly know, it upset the superstitious villagers, who, under the guidance of the village leader, decided she was a demon who needed to be burned to purify the village. Warned just in time by her budding second sight, Ezmerelda was forced to flee for her life.

 She spent the next seven years wandering. The visions became more frequent, and less controlled. Ezmerelda spent most of this time convinced that she was insane.

 Everything changed when Ezmerelda staggered across the practice field of the Chimeron Militia one night. The militia took her in, and with the help of her new friends, Ezmerelda discovered that she wasn't insane at all; she actually possessed natural second sight. As she learned to control her powers, Ezmerelda found a true family in Chimeron, and learned that she actually enjoyed using her powers to help people.

 For services rendered, Ezmerelda was named Court Diviner of Chimeron. She is a member of Gryphon Hall.


 Garen Elesgar was born to a minor noble house in Veltia - a location apparently on a different plane from the Realms - fought in the great Krombic war, was lost at sea in a magical storm and ended up in Alifon, before finding his way to the Realms in October of 1017. He was first sworn into Service in a surprising but welcome ceremony in June of 1021. He is one of the founding members of Lux Solaris, and of the Cerulean Company. Previously he has been the lieutenant of the Chimeron Militia, and he is now a Squire to the Knights of the Hinterlands, and Ceruleant of the Cerulean Company. Garen is an Auroran, a member of the Silvan Sanctuary Farming Commune, and a member of the Royal Academy of Military Sciences.

 Over his adventuring career, he has been involved in the battles for Darkvale, the Strangers War, fought the Risen Kingdom, and dealt with Ush’dui and the Causeway. He has also apparently been “disintegrated by Garm, Godstruck by Rexan, and got nuked out of the dreaming that one time.” The greatest injustice of all, though, was that “my house was stolen by the heroic militia and carried to a farming commune.” Garen included a small drawing of a face that looked quite annoyed in this part of the missive.

 [Written by Jean-Baptise]


 Cool dude who used to hang around Mayerling, now is a cool dude who hangs alongside House Sorbus. His squirrel is eviler than he is. Crack shot with a lightning bolt.


 Squire Griffin Hurana first came to the Realms in February of 1020. This was certainly a new beginning for him, as he originally came from the Great Lakes Alliance far to the west. He began petitioning the Cerulean Company that year, later becoming a founding member in 1023. In 1022 he became Sir Tao’s squire. Like many newer adventurers, the battle for Darkvale shaped his adventuring path, as have the Queen of Hearts tournaments he has attended. In 1023 he won Ace of Hearts. He was also one of the new adventurers who traveled to the Fortress of Doors to end the Red corruption attempting to travel out to the Realms.


 Hope was born and raised in a single moment of time: night time specifically, and under the Full moon. She was raised alone by her Father and the winged messengers (wind spirits) for sixteen years. It was a shock to her, when suddenly she re-joined the normal flow of time in bright daylight and surrounded by many adventurers back in 1002.

 In 1004 she swore five holy vows to the Five Ladies and began a devoted life of faith to them. Sworn to Chastity, Purity, Honesty, Service, and Peace she leads a more reserved life than most adventurers. She often stays back from the fighting, instead supporting those she loves and any who need it with her second sight and divinely channeled protections and abilities. She tends to always try to talk things out, even with the most dangerous of enemies, which causes no end of worry for her beloved Sibling Iawen Penn.

 Her father was Nero, the then Lord of Paradise; a small sub-nation devoted to the Five Ladies that had been founded in Achoria but had been re-founded further south in Chimeron by the time she had joined time in the Realms. Because of this, she was his heir and inherited lordship of Paradise when he passed on in 1005. However his death was too much a strain on her heart and she threw herself from his tower that summer, refusing calls to her soul for some years. The lady of the void, Xaos, would not have her so soon however, and eventually Tyche and Luna conspired to teach her a lesson and return her to the Realms some years later in 1006.

 In the final year of the onslaught of Bedlam, Paradise was lost and Hope found a new home with Master Therian in the Felwood. She now travels with the adventurers of the Realms to uphold her vows and lead a worthy life that teach her the wisdom to properly ascend and serve the Ladies as one of the demi-divine winged messengers as her ancestors did before.


 Indana Kil’tra (formerly Indana Ward) began adventuring at the Black and White of 1007. She began petitioning Gryphon Hall in 1010 and was sworn in at the Black and White of 1011 when it was refounded. Indana was also a founding member of House Sorbus in 1018. She has been a three path caster for the majority of her adventuring career, and considers herself a healer. The most impactful adventure she has ever been a part of was the final war against Bedlam, during which Mad Tom was slain. Indana is currently the headmistress of the Healers Guild, a Master of the Order of the Spoon, and a member of the Chimeron Royal House.


 Before he was an adventurer, Janus Kil’tra was a farmer. He found this exceptionally boring and wanted to experience everything he could, so began his adventuring career as a regionalist spellcaster, starting at Leviathan in 1005. Within his first year of adventuring, Janus contracted lycanthropy and subsequently became a worshiper of Luna. After several years, he joined Chimeron as a founding member of clan Rua Thar Cinn. Subsequently, he won Champion Mage at Queen of Hearts on Team Cimone, he completed his apprenticeship to the Magi of the Realms, and he was appointed Court Mage of Chimeron at King Alexander Cecil's coronation. In the time of regrowth immediately following the Bedlam War, with much help from many people, he organized the reforging of the new magics within the lands of Chimeron. Janus is a member of the Royal House of Chimeron, and one of The King’s Twelve for his efforts in the recovery of King Alexander Cecil’s crown.

 As an adventuring mage, Janus has dealt with many threats, including at the Rights of War, Bedlam, fighting Lords of Hell, becoming involved with the five counselors, and helping the Insectafae. Over his career he’s accidentally created a sentient doppelgänger and found himself in the position of priest of Chronos.


 Baron Shibata Katsuie first came to the Realms in August of 1015. While still connected to his Teng Hua upbringing, he joined House Sorbus. Due to his actions during the battle to reclaim Darkvale and for his efforts in restoring the land, he was named the Baron of the Viridis at the Feast of Chimeron 1022.


 Kovaks began adventuring in October of '05. Prior to adventuring, they were an apprentice stonemason. They started petitioning Eagle's Rook, then a part of Chimeron in June of '06 and swore at Black and White in October of '06. Captain Dahal appointed them Lt. Captain of the Chimeron Militia in May '07, and Kovaks took over as captain the following fall. They handed off the captainship in May of '13. Also in May of '13, they were appointed Master Chronicler of Chimeron. When Eagle's Rook left Chimeron in '08, Kovaks stayed with Chimeron, remaining In Service to the Crown until swearing to Lord Tara in the refounding of Gryphon Hall in May of '11. In May '18, they left Gryphon Hall to found House Sorbus. They squired to Baron Diamond under the Knights of the Sable Dragon in May of '07 and were knighted to that order in December of '15. They were one of the original members of the King's 12, before handing their position off to Crispin in May '16. They were fostered to the Royal House by Pawldo in '15 and welcomed as a member in '17. Following their successful campaign to reclaim Darkvale for Chimeron, for which they were granted the land and title of Count, they were knighted as an Avatar of Chimeron in May '22. In July '22, they were knighted to the Knights of the Eternal Flame

 While they are most frequently found with their "brick wall" shield, their knowledge is their preferred weapon. They describe themself as "The Thinky Fighter" and enjoy solving runes while wearing their chainmail as other people kill the enemy. They also use their knowledge to teach. Kovaks is a bard of story and takes immense pride in helping younger adventurers to grow into heroes with tales of their own. Their hobbies include piking with Majesty's Reach, being helpful, telling stories, and reminding people that fighters are capable of thinking.


 Ayuchi Kyomi’s first event in the Realms was at the Feast of the Leviathan in 1002. She joined Chimeron at Feast of Chimeron around the year 1010 after many years as an independent. Her current home is in the subnation of Pax Tharkus. Shortly after joining, she merged the Chimeron Shop with her existing shop and created Realms Outfitters. Realms Outfitters backs the Chimeron economy and has provided weapons and armor to the Chimeron Militia on several occasions.

 Kyomi has been to nearly all of the Queen of Hearts, North/South Wars, and she always tries to attend every Leviathan as it is her anniversary event. She has followed many adventures to their conclusion, and has fond memories of Winterfest at Creathorne in three feet of snow. Dealing with Fae, Wrake, and Teng Hua and so many more have been special experiences in her life. While helping Insectafae, Kyomi was disintegrated more or less, and then reshaped by the Intervention of the Five Ladies. She was trapped in some variation of a hell at least once, but was rescued shortly after.

 Kyomi is very straightforward and practical. Where there is a problem, there is always a solution. Kyomi has never been a fan of the "gods" and has never worshiped any. She thinks they're largely like the folk of the Realms, just more long lived with a bit more power.

 Outside of the shop, Kyomi practiced as an alchemist for nearly all of her adventuring life and has taken a particular interest into unusual branches of alchemy. She is currently experimenting with new alchemical innovations. Kyomi is also a member of the Royal House.


 Makhta McKrye originally hails from a western tribe but has made the Realms her home thanks to the epic adventures and well-stocked taverns available here, not to mention that McKrye left her in charge of Qua Taereth Nunna some time back. Famed for her spearwork and antics at feasts, Makhta has settled more into family life in recent years, and has adjusted from her former role of warrior-scout to that of warrior-lord with its inherent responsibilities. She is a member of the Royal House of Chimeron, a Knight of the Eternal Flame, a Knight of the Realms, the McKrye of Clan McKrye, a fierce fighter and even more fiercely loyal companion. She is a Champion of both Rawonam and the Queen of Hearts tournament. Whenever she is not attending to affairs of state or guarding the western flank, Makhta is more than happy to toast tankards or stab enemies along with her fellow adventurers!


 Mayumi is the daughter of a merchant of TengHua. She was a shrine maiden at the temple Shibata Katsuie grew up in, and eventually followed Katsuie to the western lands, and began consorting with adventurers. Her father attempted to force her to return once he received word she was not simply making inroads with local nobility. This culminated in her receiving a letter stating she was disowned, then being kidnapped by hired thugs during a B&W, in an attempt to force her into a marriage advantageous to her father. These events gained King Cecil’s attention. Mayumi eventually swore to service of Kovaks, taking the house name of Sorbus as her new family name. She ran the kitchens during the war to retake the lands of Darkvale, and for that and other accomplishments was elevated to a Lady of the Chimeron Court at the following B&W.


 Mikail Strelnikov was first seen in the realms at Queen of Hearts 4 in 997. After a few years, he joined Chimeron and swore to Eagle's Rook at Black & White 1004. He was squired under Sir Vawn at Feast of Chimeron XIV in 1006. When Eagle's Rook became independent of Chimeron at Black & White 1008, Mikail retained his Eagle's Rook squireship, and joined the Azure Guard in Chimeron. He was knighted to the Knights of Eagle's Rook at Black & White 1011. He is an honorary member of the Healer's Guild for his many years as a healer. He is also a founding member of the Archer's Guild and is rarely seen without his bow. It has been said that his Silver Eagle Archery arrows are some of the best in the Realms. He currently proudly serves in the Royal House of Chimeron, and is always hoping that this doesn't require him to do paperwork. Mikail is not, and never has been, a Flesh Golem.


 Monique was born and raised a simple farmgirl on the outskirts of a simple village. Magic and adventure were the stuff of fantastic bard's tales until the day goblins ransacked her farm, kidnapped her, and made her their undead minion. She escaped the goblins when they encountered an inexperienced but bold band of green adventurers. These members of the Chimeron Militia put a sword in her hand, and she took up arms against her former captors. With no idea where she was--the goblins had taken her some distance from her home--Monique returned with them to the Chimeron barracks

 She stayed there for several months, training with the sword, learning to read and write, and slowly coming to terms with the existence of the strange but very real magic she witnessed on a daily basis. While she made good friends among the militia she trained with, and eventually agreed to don their tabard, her thoughts often turned to home, wondering where it was and when and how she might return.

 After nearly half a year, she attended the coronation of King Alexander Cecil of Chimeron. Watching the ceremony, and participating as a member of the militia, she was overwhelmed with a single thought: she wanted to be part of this family. That hope soon became a reality when Sir Oliver Quickfists, Royal Advisor to the new king, took her on as a maiden-at-arms for a year and a day, during which time she was considered a full member of Chimeron.

 Monique worked with her knight to establish the household of Domus Equituum, and within a year was granted the rank of squire, as well as lasting membership in Chimeron. She did eventually find her way home, but after spending a summer there she realized that simply was not her world anymore; she belonged with her new adventuring family. She had begun to develop friendships and connections out of Chimeron, fighting beside members of all nations against such threats as Bedlam and the Shadowking, and occasionally fighting against them in tournaments. She was an adventurer now, and an adventurer she would stay.

 Three years into her adventuring career, Monique had been named a Member of the King's Twelve for questing in the name of Chimeron; she had also served as General to the Army of the Stag of Morrow, and led her troops solemnly into the final battle against Bedlam. Now Monique spends most of her time researching the history of the Realms and maintaining her fighting skills as she awaits the next great threat against which she will take up arms with her adventuring companions.


 Metron Dragonsvalley hails from a land across the sea, called Jarviksholme. He was brought to the Realms via the magic of gods, and first adventured with Aelias Softshadow and Liselle Silvermaple, and was a founding member of the nation of Mythguard. After leaving that group, he petitioned and joined Paradise for a time, but finally felt most at home in Pax Tharkus.

 Over the years, he has been a Healer, Seer, Shaman, Channeler and a Blacksmith, until settling upon being a Seer and Channeler. Also trained as a cartographer and scribe, he is the Headmaster of the College of Heralds, and keeps a record of the heraldic arms of the nations of the Realms.

 He can usually be seen with just a shield and no weapon. A walking stick is customarily in his other hand and a leather satchel with a dragon emblazoned upon it over his shoulder. Though he has retired from the adventuring life, stories are still told about him, and the legacy of his work helps inform those throughout the Realms.


 Sir Oliver Dagane Quickfists, Weapons Master, Knight of the Eternal Flame

 Olie, as he is known to his friends, hails from the far off kingdom of Unistella. Coming from a large noble family, Oliver found a role in training his kin in martial skills and spent some time serving in the royal guard. A war of succession broke out, and Oliver found his family and former pupils pitted against each other in violent conflict. Wishing no part of the bloodshed that engulfed the kingdom, a heartbroken Oliver set out to find the kingdom of his cousin Queen Marguerite of Chimeron. His arrival in Chimeron came at an important time, and he was welcomed with open arms by the Royal House.

 Oliver's experiences and education in Unistella made him ideally suited to be the Royal Advisor, and led to his founding of Domus Equitum. Sir Oliver spends his time teaching martial skills to his countrymen, and advising them to keep a level head in combat as well as diplomacy.


 Commander Sir Orion began adventuring in October of 1011. He has spent much of his career as a member of the militia, joining at the same time as he began adventuring. He was sworn in to Chimeron in October of 1015 as a member of the Azure Guard. He retired from many years of militia captaincy at the Feast of Chimeron in 1023. He also founded the Cerulean Company that year, a subnation dedicated as an active fighting group of Chimeron, and is the headmaster of the associated academy, the Royal Academy for Military Sciences. In his time in the Realms he has fought off Bedlam as a lightning bolt wielding sword, infiltrated Jonas Cooke’s vault, and liberated a Dreamliner in the fight against the Risen Kingdom. He follows the goddess Vesta, who he helped empower. Sir Orion is the Commander of the Cerulean Company, an Avatar of Chimeron, and as of 1023, Knight Commander of the Knights of the Eternal Flame.


 Pawldo is a Knight of Garm, and an absolute FANATIC, he heard Garm is a dog, he becomes a werewolf. Dies constantly and always somehow stops being dead, because he will NOT break his fifty/fifty streak. Balance’s strongest regenerator.

 [Written by Jean-Baptise]


 Sir Pyr, King on the Mountain, the Oracle.

 Pyr's history is quite long and very involved. To hear the intricacies of his life, one would need to talk to fellow Chimeronians and those that called Pyr their friend, and ask stories of him. For this passage, we will remain brief.

 His life began in another country outside the Realms where he lived into his teens. He was framed for the Murder of the Queen and was banished from that country. He came to the Realms in 990 and worked for a militia company known as the Eclipse.

 Eventually he met Sir Gunnar who was starting a new nation, Eagle's Rook. He agreed to join and became Sir Gunnar's squire. Eventually he was Knighted and, as time passed, he became Knight Commander of Eagle's Rook.

 Eagle's Rook eventually agreed to become a household with Gryphon Hall of Chimeron. In doing so, Eagle's Rook joined Chimeron. Upon the passing to Under the Hill of Queen Meg, a contest was struck and Sir Pyr became of The Blood and became King of Chimeron where he reigned for 7 years.

 One of the things King Pyr attempted to do during his time on the Throne was to remove all ties and connections that held Chimeron from acting of its own volition. In his 7th year, he made an agreement with the Deep Fae and became one of them. During this process, he passed the Chimeron Throne to King Cecil, making him one of The Blood. By passing into Deep Fae, all ties and stipulations for the existence of Chimeron were set free. And since Deep Fae does not exist in linear time, as we do, by becoming Deep Fae, he now lives forever, by Realms standards.

There will always be a King on the Mountain.

There will always be a Queen under the Hill.

This allows Chimeron to be free, now and for all time.

 Sir Pyr has been seen since, but he has changed. He is now Fae, not a human Mortal, and sees the Future as if it were a song being sung. He prefers to be called the Oracle, but he still answers to any of his older titles.


 Quinn is the third child of seven from Nymphus Yarrow in Northern Chimeron. Son of a blacksmith and priestess of Gaia, Quinn learned from a young age to take care of his younger siblings, in particular his little sister Anya. He left home in the year 1009 to uphold a geas placed upon his father before he was born. Once adventuring in the Realms he began to learn the arts of Geomancy and Healing. He made a name for himself as someone who could channel the magic of the surrounding lands, and provide healing where needed. He also made a name for himself as a brat with a big mouth. Despite his shortcomings he learned skills and humility from those around him. He was apprenticed to Magus Borjid of Ivory during Queen of Hearts XVI, and named Apprentice Herald to the Court of Chimeron at Black and White in the autumn of 1009.

 Quinn swore himself to the Crown of Chimeron at Feast of Chimeron XVIII.​ He won Champion Mage at Queen of Hearts XVII, Squired to the Knights of the Crown at Black and white in the Autumn of 1010 and graduated from his apprenticeship to Magus Borjid at Feast of Chimeron XIX. At Feast of Chimeron XX he was named a Foster to the Royal House of Chimeron. During the War of Shadows in the spring of 1011, Quinn temporarily became the Mortal Avatar of Antioch. He stepped down the next day.

 He joined the Church of Aurora and began to learn more about her ways and the ways of her followers at the Feast of the Leviathan 1012, and learned how to weave mortal Magic and Divine Light together with the blessing of the Lady Aurora.

 During the Final Evacuation of Faerie, he held one of the three beacons from falling to Bedlam with only his light magic and the help of the Duke of Slime.

 Quinn was named the Duke of Magic of the Third Mortal Court at North South War 1013.In preparation for the final assault on Bedlam he joined others, and entered the darkest of Bedlam around Harkon Hill. There they found the last untainted Light Beacon and reactivated it, forming a beachhead into the Infinite Dark. Journeying in a second time he found and helped others drag the Pillar of the Court out of Bedlam.

 He provided protection to Dame Cimone as she healed the total force of the Realms arrayed against Mad Tom O' Bedlam's 5 heads.

 Quinn then helped craft and perform the Ritual of Memory, intended to forever seal the death of the Titan Thomas, and to welcome back the fallen from Danaan. He was named a Magus of the Realms at the Black and White in the Autumn of 2013.


 Knight of the Eternal Flame, Seneschal of Chimeron proper, it is said that all subnations formed in an attempt to escape the cloud of lightning smoke that surrounds him. Likes the lightning bolt spell because it's thin and pale like he is.

 [Written by Jean-Baptise]


 The Chaos Factor of the Azure Guard and Chimeron proper, which someone has to be. Has a theme song with Cimone. Knight of the Crown.

 [Written by Jean-Baptise]


Laird Sir Magus Rel Zhirah

True heroes are not found, they are made...

Some say Rel is as ancient as the Wheel itself

His is an old soul, always struggling between the balance of Light and Dark

A struggle which has forged his soul into one like no other

A soul who belongs on the edge of each...

A Champion of Twilight

Spun out from the Wheel during the End of Days, Rel is a fierce and tireless warrior

Wielding magic and steel, he is a destructive and terrifying force to behold

Few of his foes dare to deny him and even fewer who do still live.

Rosetta (Ged)

 Ged was born a human boy in the city of Ivory. Twenty-four years later, now a wizard and revealed as a fae elf, he departed to the Halls of Danaan with his wife, Demetria Highwater, accompanying Queen Nimbus, in the role of Counselor of Space and Fire. Ged, sometimes called by the name of his former cycle, Rosetta, was one of the founders of Clan Rua Thar Cinn, apprenticed to Sir Magus Rel Zhirah, and was made a Knight of the Red Branch during the war with Bedlam. He studied many forms of arcane magic, and, when possible, tried to help gather and spread information. Ged had been known to answer Seance spells directed towards him since he left.

 Rosetta emerged in Faerie near the dawn of the First Age. He mastered and expanded a style of Runic magic and joined the inner circle of Counselors of the Queen of Faerie, before betraying everyone he loved, misguided in the opening moves of the Purging. He was imprisoned in the Mysts of Forgetfulness.

 Two Ages later, a portion of Rosetta's power escaped to become the human Ged, who, ignorant of his past, studied magic and began adventuring with Chimeron at the end of the Rites of War. He co-founded Clan Rua Thar Cinn and married Demetria Highwater while, driven by the increasing pressures of the Bedlam War, he studied Faerie and his own past, until the two parts were finally recombined and able to return to their duties as Counselor during the war.

 At the conclusion, shortly after a field knighting, Rosetta departed forever to live with the Queen and the rest of the Courts of the Tuatha de Danann.

 But, since forever is a long time, he planted seeds to allow himself to return to the Realms about one year after the end of the Bedlam War. Since then he has supported Chimeron, protected Faerie, and explored and taught magic as a Professor at Highbridge University and Magus of the Realms, traveling where tales take him. He was made a member of the Knight Protectors of Faerie by their founder, his adoptive sister Tara of House Harkon, who gave him the blade Redemption in recognition of his growth.

 At the end of the Bedlam War, it was revealed that the demiplane occupied by Mad Tom had originally been the Hallowed Halls of Danann, the true origin of many of the Fae known to the Realms. These fae largely left the Realms and Faerie as the Realms knew it to reside once more in Danann. As this included the King and Queen, Rosetta, as the Queen's Counselor, went with her. However, having foreseen this outcome, Rosetta arranged to magnify the psychic effects of the conclusion of the War, a triumph of Hope over Madness. After a suitable eternity had passed in Danann, he followed this beacon back, arriving at Black & White 1014.


 Squire Saryun “Ryu” Goldscale comes from a clan of gold dragons living in the mountains of the Southern Wastes. After leaving home, she spent some time sailing, and eventually came ashore in Teng Hua in August of 1021. After coming back to the mainland, she quickly fell in with the Chimeron Militia, and was one of the founding members of the militia’s Gold Squad. She has been recognized for her leadership in battle by being inducted into the King’s Twelve, and for her spirit by becoming one of the members of the Saurabia Fan Club. Ryu is one of the founding members of the Cerulean Company. As the current wielder of Icicle she has been spearheading the effort to find out what happened to Tom Rime, the original gifter of the sword.


 Sakariasvafnir Keeneye, known to most as "Saka", is a human from the West who arrived in the Realms in the midst of a rite of passage journey. He decided to stay in the Realms after stumbling upon a Chimeron Militia practice. In time he found a home with Clan Rua Thar Cinn of Chimeron, eventually becoming one of the original King's Twelve, Warlord, a member of the Royal House, and an Avatar of Chimeron. In 1023 he took over for Janus as First Mage of Rua Thar Cinn, representing the clan in the Chimeron House of Lords when Laird Rel is absent.

 A Knight of the Eternal Flame, Flame Keeper of the Order of the Lantern, and on occasion a literal night owl, Saka is often found burning the midnight oil in the library, workshops, and research facilities of Chimeron Castle pursuing cartography, smithing, alchemy, runology, and research on the natures of magic and divinity. His days are primarily dedicated to managing the logistics of Chimeron's military and lands, serving on the Western Flank, and coordinating efforts with other leaders throughout the Realms.

 Among various other titles and deeds, Saka was a former student of the Shiroboshi, member of the Chimeron Militia, the Captain of the Red Jaguars, and as a member of Magus Dame Phoenix's Queen of Hearts team became the first person to win Ace of Hearts. He is also a Guildmaster of the Adventurers Guild, Knight of the Sable Dragon, member of the Saurabian Fan Club, a slayer of Rexan, and one of the four Stewards of Duskwatch.

Tam Lin (Atticus)

 In the first age of man and Faerie, a young nobleman named Thomas Learmounth spent years in the faerie courts as the price for a kiss from the Queen, and in return was gifted with a tongue that can never lie. Later, a young fairy knight, Tam Lin, escaped Faerie with the help of his mortal love, because he feared he would be the tithe paid to hell. For many years after, True Thomas was rumored to be touched by the Fae, and spoke occasional prophecy. Some say he was the first mortal to enter Faerie, or the first to love the Queen.

 Ages later, in a far away world, a young common man named Michael Mayhew longed to join the great University, and become a wizard. Because he was not an eighth son, he was instead forced into a life as a journeyman assistant pie maker. Delivering a large number of pies to the University Library one day, he found himself transported to a strange world, apparently by accident.

 Exploring the Realms, the young adventurer discovered it was easier to learn magic in this strange place, and aspired to one day become a true wizard and earn the name Atticus the Red. He made friends, many of them in Chimeron, and eventually found a home in Pax Tharkus.

 After giving up the name Michael Mayhew, Atticus began questing to save his love Queen Nimbus from Bedlam. While failing to become her Mage Counselor, he discovered that he is the reincarnation of Thomas Learmounth, who is Tam Lin, who is True Thomas. Perhaps being neither mortal nor fae, or both, meant his spirit could neither go to an afterlife or return to the cycle. Perhaps this is why he found himself in our world.

 Atticus, or Tam Lin, is a Magus of the Realms, Lord of the Chimeronian land of Pax Tharkus, and Chancellor of the University of Highbridge.


 Lord Tara Harkon is the Lord of Gryphon Hall. She used to think she was human but found out she was fae. Tara is now a Knight Protector of Fae so she's taking the changeling thing better than some do. Started Tourneys of the Branch, taunting the royal family with her currently creakless joints.

 [Written by Jean-Baptise]


 “My first taste of adventuring was the renowned B&W Masquerade Ball (of 997). I was plying my trade of armor maintenance and maille-knitting. I stayed independent for a few years, but did join Sir Lucas's squad which HQ'ed in a griffin-themed Fort in western Chimeron. By Feast of Leviathan 1, I was a sash-wearing member of the Servant's guild. I wore it for Feast of Chimeron 10, where I served in King Oberon's kitchen under Lady Cassia. I also joined the Dancer's Guild.

 “A few months later, I swore fealty to the Lands of Chimeron at the Coronation of King Pyr. Oath given, I was set to depart the royal presence, but was told to stay put-- there was more business requiring my presence. A lovely tale of my deeds was spun by Sir Lucas, and ended with King Pyr bestowing me with the title of Lady of Chimeron. A very big deal within Chimeron. Why Lady Dee was a KoEF but preferred the title of Lady instead of Dame/Sir - that type of big deal. Hours later I was named the Royal Blacksmith and given my first task: a degraded, magical 6'6" ax to carve down and re-size.

 “Two B&W's later, I was inducted into the Royal house. I became a Master of the Order of the Spoon and threw the Cornucopia feasts -a taste of everything. I was run as Queen of Hearts, and we won! I took over an empty fort for Sir Lucas when he retired. The doors shut a year or three after.

 “I tracked down the mostly-retired Prince Nigel and impressed my way into becoming a Knight of the Peacock, twinned with King Pyr-- as is traditional in that knighthood. Not long before King Cecil's Coronation, I fell afoul of a portal left open in the middle of the road, in the middle of the night-- during the middle of the week. Who opens portals then?? Who does that??

 “Unfortunately, a rescue operation wasn't safe due to the increasing Bedlam activity. My dear husband, Fox, made his way to me quickly, but it took years for us to get back to the Realms-plane via 'natural' plane hopping. We'd landed really-far-south. Ansteorra was adventurous, but darn hot. (Ask for stories!)

 “While away, l asked Father Yule to deliver a box of baby tunics to the Realms. Gaining his attention thusly, led to the creation of Tarnisha's Gate-- a major development in the fight against Bedlam. I made it home to a new king and a land wiped clean of all structures and trees from Bedlam's damage - that was a hard winter.

 “In the spring, life resumed, built anew (along with a swank new castle). A year later or so, Mandolin arrived and I became a mother.

 “Skipping past the Quiet Years, to the Battle of Darkvale in the Spring 1022 - I played my part frontline casting and working a Mystic Forge. Afterwards, I stuck around for reconstruction. I was so helpful they asked me to be second to DelHemar, the Baron Sorbus. At Yule of '22 I once more bent the knee and was inducted into House Sorbus under Count Kovaks of Darkvale, reaffirming my oaths sworn to Chimeron along the way.

 “In the Summer of '23 I was gifted a house within Blackwood for my months of service working with their refugees and distribution of goods from my Bag of Hope.”


 Tarun Ul-Sikar was the Captain of the Chimeron Militia, as well as an Apprentice to the Order of the Magi of the Realms. Three centuries ago, the clan Tarun came up from the Southern Wastes to become some of the most prolific merchants the Realms had ever seen. Tarun (who goes by his individual name of Sikar among his blood family, and his family name of Tarun among his friends and fellow adventurers), joined the Chimeron Militia in 1011, just a few months after he started adventuring, and began petitioning Gryphon Hall. He adventures to serve as an example for his family by blood, trying to lead them away from a life of bartering and backstabbing and towards the noble wandering lifestyle they enjoyed in their ancestral lands, and to serve and protect his family by choice, the Kingdom of Chimeron.


 Prior to beginning adventuring, Tirvanel Fuller led a fairly uneventful life. He started practicing with the Chimeron militia at their weekly practice in the late summer of 1012. He started adventuring during the weekend of KoEF questing 1012.

 At the Black and White ball in October 1012 Tirvanel joined the Chimeron militia. In spring 1013, he competed in the Tourneys of the Throne, and was named page to His Majesty, King Alexander Cecil. In late autumn 1013, he began petitioning clan Rua Thar Cinn. At Black and White of 1018 he was sworn In Service. He is now a member of Lux Solaris, and a squire to the Knights of the Crown.

 Though he was a new adventurer at the time, Tirvanel became heavily invested in the final year of the war against Bedlam. He also put much effort into the reclamation of Darkvale by gathering information for the use of Chimeron.


 High Priestess Demetria "Tria" Lightspring Highwater is a half-fae elf born in Faerie and raised by a hunter and a kitchen witch right outside of Glendale. At 16, she left home in search of her birth parents, and ended up finding a family in Chimeron instead. She began adventuring at Uncle Cecil’s in 1009, and she joined clan Rua Thar Cinn on the day of King Alexander Cecil's coronation, and though she left for Danann at the end of the war with Bedlam (and later returned), she still considers them her kin.

 Tria is a feastocrat, bard, priestess, and chaos mom. She is the proprietor of the Tea Tree, an interdimensional teahouse linking Faerie, Hell, and the Mortal Realms. Her accolades include multiple View awards for feasts and food, bardic trophies and Queen at QoH, and the distinction of creating a dessert that had its own challenge rating. She is a member of RTC and technically married to Rosetta, for fae definitions of married. She currently lives in Faerie and her teahouse, which doubles as her temple to Luna. As Her high priestess, she embraces the combination of madness and nurture that the goddess imbues her with. Most of her time is spent with her patrons or her clan, when she isn't running around wrangling the countless fae babies she has either birthed or adopted over the years.

 Tria has many titles, though she tries not to use them except when relevant. She is the High Priestess of Luna, a position that has been in her family for generations. She is also a Mistress of the Spoon, Tea Mistress (and owner of the Tea Tree teahouse), Apprentice to the Magi (Atticus and Zula specifically), and Headmistress of the Bardic College. She has done work as a research librarian in the Library of Ivory and served as feastocrat for Feast of Chimeron and Feast of Highbridge. She helped restore the Five Counselors, and smelted the first quicksilver ore to anti-Bedlam weapons.


 Wil and His sister Zia were born to woodcutter parents in northern Chimeron near the Bancroft Border. His father was the gruff but kind sort, not one to waste two words when one would do. His mother was the one that kept the family being a family, and went the extra way to ensure her children learned their letters. She always talked about the “City” but never said where that was in her teachings.

 Wil lived a relatively quiet, albeit hardworking life until just after his 16th birthday when a local tribe of goblins was stirred up by an ancient troll who moved into the area looting and pillaging. Wil slew one of the goblins but was knocked in the head at the same time. When he came to, members of the Royal House of Chimeron were sending the remnants of the goblins to flight. From that moment of hero worship it was the start of the journey to joining Clan McKrye, becoming a Squire to Queen Meg and joining the Royal House.

 Wil took on more and more burdens from Queen Meg, eventually being recognized as an Avatar of Chimeron for that role. He was given the honor of being a Knight of the Eternal Flame and later a Knight of the Realms for many long years serving the Realms, and being a decisive force in the battle against the resurgent Zermark. Recently Wil has had the honor of thrice serving as the Champion of Chimeron. He looks forward to the day when his countrymen can take the title away from him or Sir Oliver. Along with these incredible distinctions, Wil has also been a member of the Servants Guild since his first year in the Realms, and runs the Chimeron Casino. Wil is always on the lookout for those who want to learn, if you have a question seek him out.


 Ypnn, or ‘You People Need Names’ as she was first told when she came to the Realms, is a Silvari, an ambulatory plant person. She came to the Realms in the fall of 1019, and was sworn in to the Felwood at Black and White of 1022. She is part of the King’s Twelve, the second to the Court Mage of Chimeron, and an apprentice Chronicler of Chimeron. She was one of the founding members of the Silvan Sanctuary Farming Commune, and revived the Order of the Lantern, of which she is now Flame Keeper. She is also apprenticed to the Magi of the Realms, under Magi Kara.

 When adventuring, Ypnn has been invested in discovering and resolving whatever is going on with the Time Snarls. She helped breach the Fortress of Doors, and compiled information prior to the battle for Darkvale. At events, especially feasts and tournaments, she can often be seen - or perhaps not, due to her natural camouflage - using a device to record images of the events at hand.

Petitioners and Militia

Petitioners of Chimeron are those looking to join Chimeron in an official capacity. Peititoning is the time during which the nation decides whether the individual is a good fit, and when the individual decides if the nation or subnation is a good fit for them. Chimeron also employs new adventurers in the Heroic Militia. Though these adventurers are not sworn to Chimeron, they recieve a small parcel of land for their service, and the protection of those sworn to Chimeron.


 Elora began adventuring in October of 1021, after training as a heroic militia member for a few months prior. They have spent their time studying magics of the Realms and beyond, looking to divining from the stars, and studying the Void magic the Risen Kingdom employs.


 Jasper is from the Castia region of Alifon, where they lived with their mother, father, and younger sister. Jasper traveled alone to the Realms without intention to move somewhere new, and so had to travel back to Alifon before partaking in any adventures. He has returned more recently, and the Black and White of 1023 marks his decision to stay in the Realms, and the start of his militia career.


 Johan was first introduced to the adventuring life at Black and White of 1022. He was called to guard a ritual at court set up by King Cecil, and joined the militia a few months later, at the Feast of the Leviathan in 1023. He fought alongside many others in the Fortress of Doors, and was a proud member of Artemis' Awesome Possum Posse Party at the Tournaments of Artemis in 1023. Johan always has questions to ask and wants to make friends. He is constantly learning about the laws our world is governed by, making theoretical spell builds, wanting to fight, and looking through the Library of Ivory. He is currently looking at various nations to see what interests him and also what he thinks of their government structures, and is a student of the Wyvern College.


 Kalashai, or “Shai”, is a member of the Chimeron Heroic Militia, and although they are new to adventuring, they have defended against the Fortress of Doors and traveled to various countries to deal with threats there.


  N’s entrance into the Realms was a tumultuous one, in the late summer of 1022. There is some interesting philosophical debate about what exactly N is, much of which he partakes in, but one thing has been made clear time and time again; he is not the golem. He is the sapient entropic force which resides within the golem. N has spent his time in the Realms learning about mortal values and fighting destructive forces he has encountered in the past. As of the Black and White of 1023, he has joined the militia and is petitioning Lux Solaris.


 Styx is a member of the Chimeron Heroic Militia. They have spent their time as a new adventurer restoring demi-planes, communing with the ambient magic of the Realms, and learning about and pursuing other quests that they are able to jump into.


 Voutiá (pronounced voh-tya) is a seafolk and a 1-path. She first joined the Realms at Black & White in October 1022. She is neither a member nor a petitioner to any nation, but she has been a member of the Chimeron Militia since UCCT 1022.

 Though her Realms career is quite young, Voutiá has attended several events during her first year. She solved many a puzzle at Feast of Leviathan XXIV, aided and empowered her allies in the Fortress of Doors, was a huntress on Team Artemis’ Awesome Possum Posse Party at Tournaments of Artemis X, and defeated the water gym at Yosei Yes!

Former Members

This section is for members who were previously of Chimeron but have left Chimeron, rather than retiring from adventuring or dying while still sworn. These adventurers chose multiple paths after leaving, including joining other nations and continuing to fight the good fight.


 Aymise first began adventuring in October of 1008, and had an eventful career before retiring from the adventuring life and stepping away from Chimeron in February of 1023. During her time traveling the Realms, she founded the Felwood in 1013. She is a Knight of the Hinterlands, Master of the Order of the Spoon, former Guildmistress to the Order of the Spoon, and a former Advisor to the Crown.


 Squire Hermian Delon was a proud member of Gryphon Hall, a squire to Sir Adara of the Knights of Eagle's Rook, and hopefully not-in-charge of anything. Coming from a small town in the far far north, he made his way across the Realms in his younger days, before stumbling upon the generally known group of adventurers in Teng Hua. From there his path took him back north to many of the established nations, settling in Stonewood along with a couple other companions. Just about when he began feeling he'd done all he could do to help the people of Stonewood, he got a missive from Tara Harkon that she was rebuilding her brother Lucas' old Household, focused on protecting those with no lords to protect them. He left Stonewood on amicable terms and helped her re-found the household in 1011.


 Sir Lucas Harkon is one of the oldest members of Chimeron, in age as well as in length of service to the crown. The unseelie elf trained as Squire to the late Oberon, King of the Fae, and eventually grew affection for the mortal world. He was made an Avatar of Chimeron by Queen Margueritte for his near suicidal valor in his defeat of The Ravenor. In 1001, Sir Lucas formed the household of Gryphon Hall, to protect the common man and train the next generation of heroes of the Realms. Once thought to have been slain in battle during the civil war in Faerie, Sir Lucas returned to the Kingdom for the coronation of his long time friend Alexander Cecil. When Bedlam began to ravage Faerie, Sir Lucas returned to war in his home lands. With the conclusion of the war, Sir Lucas contributed to recovery efforts in Faerie and Chimeron until eventually seeking a home among the more martial adventurers in Invictus.


 Born in another world entirely, Felnar Dulintel Dawnkri-Nosetti (more commonly known as Phee) is of a Sheshawnii noble line. Through circumstances she didn't understand and couldn't control, she had a very traumatic entry into the Realms as a plane, in the year of 1006. Through a bare understanding of Common, she was reunited with her cousin, Airavarri. Her Common has improved since.

 Though noble, she prefers to not dwell on titles, and treats people the same, no matter the rank. She is oath-bound to speak only the truth, and often has to remind people of this.

 Phee was a member of Gryphon Hall, is the High Priestess of Deidre (a goddess of Balance and Truth), the Servant of The Dreamer (who is in turn in service to the Queen of Faerie), and Apprentice to the Order of the Magi.


And some members of Chimeron... aren't living retired on a farm or wandering the countryside. This section seeks to briefly recount the stories and deaths of heroes of the past. Some are more gone and distant than others, but all of them still live on in the legacy and legends of Chimeron.


  Lord of the Land of Many Drinks, member of Folkestone: Lost in the Well of Souls, Perished in the Ascension War. Lord Adyan, once wielder of the Champion Blade, sought the Queen's hand in marriage after the first death of Sir Callin of Folkestone. In the middle of the courtship a spell caused by the mysterious wish coins caused him to become 16 again, forgetting his love for the Queen and his fealty to Chimeron. Folkestone took young Adyan in and made him a member while he resumed the normal aging process. Eventually another wish coin was used to reverse the process, but it also made Sir Callin return to life, and Lord Adyan saw his Queen torn between the two men. He started taking more and more hazardous missions, some said to prove his love for her, and was eventually lost in the Well of Souls. The gods allowed him to return for the Ascension War where he championed the Goddess of Order. When Sir Shane ascended, Adyan was finally lost.


Dame Mistress Altana Cecil

Born in the city of Chi Ku, Chi (another plane)

Died September 1014 in The Realms

 Altana was born to a low class family of herbalists. When she fell in love with the Emperor, Chen, she gave up the life her father made for her to pursue her true love.

 But when Chen was called away to battle an evil threat, she was cast out of the protection of his castle. Her family, finding her behavior dishonorable, had to follow through with the humiliating, dark ritual of disowning and sacrificing her to salvage their family name.

 She survived, but had little memory of the life she lived between her death and the time she came to the Realms. It was Chen who found her and opened a gate of light to send her away until it was safe to call her back.

 Summoned from her safe haven by the Black Star Guild, Altana saw this as her chance to truly start a new life.

 Altana founded the Jade Dragon Tea House, as a safe haven for equality, and for women and girls who needed to escape their own living nightmares. She also opened the Onyx Tortoise Bathhouse and the Sapphire Phoenix Coffee Roasters.

 In 1010, she was adopted by Prince Sir Alexander Cecil as his cousin, and would stand by him with pride as he became King of Chimeron. She swore to Pax Tharkus, but always considered the Jade Dragon her home.

 Yet, even as everything was looking brighter, she could not escape her past. Father Yule brought her a letter from her true love, Chen. He told her how the land of her birth was plagued by the dark forces of Bedlam. He was losing his battle, and her survival was the only thing that gave him hope.

 Altana secluded herself for a long time on Sapphire Isle as Bedlam began to take over the Realms, fearing Death.

 She decided that it was time to repay the honor owed.

 Altana entered into Bedlam and gave up her life to bond to an orb of light to manifest Mad Tom of Bedlam. Giving up a legacy of service and her new family... to save those who loved her when no one else would. For this, Altana was awarded a baldric of the Avatars of Chimeron.

 Altana now lives her last and final life in Danann with her soul siblings, Kieran and Valerie. She spends her eternity on her final shop, The Turkish Diamond Tiger specializing in fine sweets to share but once a year with her family and cousin at Black & White... with Chen at her side.


 Sir Chan was the Treaty Boss for Darkvale. When he left, Rexan took his spot, and Chan came back to be buried with that mistake. He is now an Avatar of Justari and Dalindana. Might be Margaret’s actual god?

 [Written by Jean-Baptise]


  Knight of the Crown: Perished in the Ascension War. Sir Daniel "Quick" Roseblade was a member of Darkvale, originally sworn to the Queen and to Chimeron in the Spring of 1992. He was a man known for his honor, devotion to Aurora, the Goddess of light stubbornness. Fearsome with a pike, he had friends from many different lands, many gained by his good deeds and bardic singing. In the Ascension War he Championed Aurora and fell when Sir Shane Ascended.


  Sir Fletch of Darkvale sacrificed his soul to restore Queen Meg's. After Queen Meg was killed and scalped by the King of Verai in a surprise attack at the Carnival of the Black Rose, Sir Fletch a Knight of Darkvale, went on a quest ask the Lords of the Underworld to restore the Queen, who he loved, to life. He willingly sacrificed his soul so that the Queen could return to her body after it had been healed. The gods were kind to the two and merged his soul with Meg's so that they would never be apart again. Meg, who was unaware of his feelings for her at the time, becomes pensive now whenever Sir Fletch is mentioned.


  Knight of the Eternal Flame, Member of the Queen's Guard: Perished in the Ascension War. Sir Lars was a member of the Clan and held his own land, Dubh Maar, underneath Sir Shane. An accident infected Sir Lars with the blood of an Aspis, one of the snake-like creatures that eventually conquered Darkvale, causing scales to form on his face. Because of the infection he was pressed into supporting the God of the Aspis, Rexan in the Ascension War, a position that he did not want but one that his honor compelled him to maintain. He chose to support Rexan to keep another with less morals from the position in order to help his clan lord Sir Shane have a better chance to win the war. When Sir Shane ascended he choose to die.


  Advisor to the Crown, PBTT: Lost in the Astral Plane. Pol Coville, brother of Angus and Dirk, was the young Queen Meg's first advisor. One of the original followers of Princess Meg before the founding of Chimeron, his cleverness and magical abilities made him almost universally hated by everyone outside of Chimeron. The same wish coin that made Adyan young and brought Sir Callin back from the dead made Pol old. Despite the fact that he believed that the Queen and everyone he knew had died, he took part in a ritual to try to save the Realms from the Nameless One. Part of the ritual went wrong, and Pol was unable to return to his body from astral space. Although his body is dead, it is believed that Pol still lives, old and bitter, in Astral Space... we think...


  Squire Reede Bluestar was the devoted squire of Sir Lars. She perished in the Ascension War, refusing to be left behind again, choosing to accompany her knight.


  Clan Lord, Knight of the Eternal Flame, Knight of the Crown: Ascended to the Right Hand of Rawonam. Sir Shane was one of the first followers of Her Majesty Queen Meg of Chimeron. Swift to anger and often grim, he was hard for non-members of Chimeron to get to know, though he was universally respected for his military prowess and his legendary ability to drink. He founded the Clan Curaidh, one of the Realms' finest fighting units and served as Captain of the Queen's Guard for many years. At the Ascension war he championed the God of War and at its end ascended to become his avatar and sit by Rawonam's right hand.


  Squire to Sir Daniel: Perished in the Ascension War. Shoshanna, also a member of the Clan, was fiercely loyal to her Knight, and the two of them questing together was a common sight. Shoshanna was known for her beauty and her sweet singing voice. She chose to die with her knight when they lost in the Ascension War.


  Simoon of Tuath Fasach, though not a member of Chimeron, fought valiantly against the forces of Pathos. Carrying Lemlok, a blade only able to be used by women warriors, she spent her life defending the Realms from Pathos' tryanny and his plagues. Consumened by the curse of Pathos, she was made a lady of Chimeron post-mortem.


 Valerie Hart was born and raised a peasant farm girl in the lands of Nymphus Yarrow. After meeting several members of Chimeron in 1009 she began adventuring, joining the Chimeron Militia 6 months later.

 In 1011 she swore fealty to Chimeron as one of the re-founding members of Gryphon Hall. Shortly before that she became a Squire to Sir Vawn, Knight of Eagle’s Rook. She was also named one of The King's Twelve from her service questing to recover His Majesty Alexander Cecil's crown.

 Valerie served as Lieutenant of the Chimeron Militia under Kovaks and later Tarun. She also founded the Healer’s Guild, a multinational group designed to spread healing knowledge in the Realms and to give healers a resource outside of a nation to turn to if needed.

 Known as a combat healer and follower of Aurora, Valerie used her skills to help others on and off the battlefield. In the final battle in the war against Bedlam Valerie agreed to sacrifice herself to power an artifact needed to kill Mad Tom of Bedlam. Though she was able to see the fight to its end, she had to leave the Realms when all was said and done. She was given the title of Hero of Faerie by their Majesties of Fae and went with them to the plane of Danaan. For this sacrifice she was knighted posthumously as Sir Valerie Hart, Avatar of Chimeron.