The Throneroom

His Majesty

King Sir Magus Alexander Cecil.
Coronated April 9, 1011
Knight of the Realms. Knight of the Eternal Flame. Magus of the Realms

His Court


Squire Wisakatchekwa "Saka" Redwing of Rua Thar Cinn. Appointed at Feast of Chimeron XXIII, April 25, 1015.


Aymise. Appointed at the Black and White, October 1, 1016.


Sir Oliver Dagane Quickfists: Awarded the position for a year and a day at the annual tournament at Black and White, October 1 1016.


Magus Quinn: Appointed at

Captain of the King's Guard

Squire Alexander Smith: Appointed at Feast of Chimeron XXI, May 18, 1013.

Royal Blacksmith

Lady Tarnisha: Appointed

Court Mage

Magus Janus Kil'tra: Appointed at the coronation of King Alexander Cecil, April 9, 1011.

Master Chronicler

Ser Kovaks: Appointed at Feast of Chimeron XVI, May 10, 1011.

Court Diviner

Ezmerelda Chandler: Appointed at Black and White, October 22, in recognition of her divinations to determine how to retrieve His Majesty's crown which had been stolen by agents of Jonas Cooke.

Avatars of Chimeron

This is the Knighthood most closely associated with Chimeron, created by Her Majesty Queen Marguerite in 993. It is well known that an Avatar of Chimeron has a special ability, granted to them by the gods. They have the ability to transfer a wound from an afflicted person, anything up to and including a scalping blow, upon themselves.

Sir Angus Coville:

Knighted after being named Most Honorable 3 events in a row.

Sir Callin of Folkestone:

Knighted Post Mortem after he threw himself into the Cauldron of Change, thereby saving the Realms from the evil undead, the cauldron-born, of the Shadowlord. The expending of a wish coin brought him back from the dead two years later.

Sir Lucas Harkon:

Knighted after flinging himself though a portal to slay the Ravenor, a minion of the Nameless One. He bravely slew the Ravenor singlehandedly. Sir Lucas, a fae elf, was the first head of Griffindor.

Sir Wil Craven:

Knighted after loyally serving Queen Meg as her Squire for many years. Set a quest by the Queen to find a husband for her other squire, he fulfulled the quest in less than 20 minutes. Sir Wil is a member of Qua Taereth Nunna.

Sir Dirk Coville:

Knighted after slaying Crimson Eye. Sir Dirk is the younger brother of Sir Angus. He served as the Court Herald and is also a member of the Clan. The common people know him as Sir Disco Dirk.

Sir Owen Colteor McKrye:

Knighted at Feast of Chimeron XIII. He has since left these lands for Danaan as Cuchullain, the True King of Faerie.

Dame Cimone:

Knighted at Black and White, October 22 1011, in recognition of her extraordinary generalship in the war to reclaim the lands of Darkvale.

Dame Altana Cecil:

Knighted at Black and White, October 26, 1013, for her sacrifice in the fight against Bedlam.

Sir Valerie Hart:

Knighted at Black and White, October 26, 1013, for her sacrifice in the fight against Bedlam.

The Royal House of Chimeron

Lands and Subnations Owing Fealty to the Crown of Chimeron

Qua Taereth Nunna: Led by Makhta McKrye
Azure Guard: Led by Captain Cimone
Pax Tharkus: Led by Lord Atticus
Clan Rua Thar Cinn: Led by Laird Rel Zhirah
House Griffindor: Led by Lord Tara Fae-Eternal
In Service to the Crown: Led by Lord Radstar
Dan Glec'ko
Chimeron Militia

Lands That Formerly Owed Fealty to Chimeron

Barony Banecroft: Allowed to become their own nation. Counted as one of Chimeron's Friends
Rhiassa : Through negotiated cession, became independent once again at Feast of Rhiassa '03.
Land of Many Drinks: Won by Lord Adyan at a Wild Hunt
Blackwater: Formerly owned by the late Sir Lars
Fey Reach: Captured by the Aspis with Darkvale
Fern Grove: Consolidated into Darkvale during Aspis occupation
Eagle's Rook: At the request of Sir Vawn, these lands parted ways with Chimeron at Black & White '08 after many years of common purpose.
Domus Equitum