Royal House

This group of Chimeronians are considered to be part of the family, kin to the 3 founding members of Chimeron, Queen Meg, Princess Dee and Lady Cassia. Although a lot of these folks live in and maintain their own lands, they have their own rooms in the Castle and are always welcome home to Chimeron proper.

Members of the Royal House

  • Adyan (deceased)
  • Alyias
  • Angus
  • Athelwulf
  • Cassia (living in Fae)
  • Dee
  • Dirk
  • Heron (Transformed into the Guardian of the Hill)
  • Jen
  • Kali (wandering)
  • Kinstil
  • MacQuiver (wandering)
  • McKrye
  • Q. Meg (Under the Hill)
  • Owen (became King in Danaan)
  • Pol (deceased)
  • K. Pyr (Now the Oracle)
  • Rebecca (Questing with her husband)
  • Sem (wandering)
  • Shane (Ascended to the right hand of Rawanom)
  • Shugar (departed for the Knowne World)
  • Tracker (wandering)
  • Tiana
  • Steph

Fosters to the Royal House