Clan Lord, Knight of the Eternal Flame, Knight of the Crown: Ascended to the Right Hand of Rawanom

Sir Shane was one of the first followers of Her Majesty Queen Meg of Chimeron. Swift to Anger, often grim he was hard for non members of Chimeron to get to know, though he was universally respected for his military prowess and his legendary ability to drink. He founded the Clan Curaidh, one of the Realms finest fighting units and served as Captain of the Queen's Guard for many years. At the Ascension war he championed the God of War and at it's end ascended to become his avatar and sit by Rawanom's right hand.

Sir Daniel Roseblade

Knight of the Crown: Perished in the Ascension War. Sir Daniel was a member of Darkvale, originally sworn to the Queen and to Chimeron in the Spring of 1992. He was a man known for his honor, devotion to Aurora, the Goddess of light stubbornness. Fearsome with a pike, he had friends from many different lands, many gained by his good deeds and bardic singing. In the Ascension War he Championed Aurora and fell when Sir Shane Ascended.

Squire Shoshanna

Squire to Sir Daniel: Perished in the Ascension War. Shoshanna, also a member of the Clan, was fiercely loyal to her Knight, and the two of them questing together was a common sight. Shoshanna was known for her beauty and her sweet singing voice. She chose to die with her knight when they lost in the Ascension War.

Sir Lars

Knight of the Eternal Flame, Member of the Queen's Guard: Perished in the Ascension War Sir Lars was a member of the Clan and held his own land, Dubh Maar, underneath Sir Shane. An accident infected Sir Lars with the blood of an Aspis, one of the snake-like creatures that eventually conquered Darkvale, causing scales to form on his face. Because of the infection he was pressed into supporting the God of the Aspis, Rexan in the Ascension War, a position that he did not want but one that his honor compelled him to maintain. He chose to support Rexan to keep another with less morals from the position in order to help his clan lord Sir Shane have a better chance to win the war. When Sir Shane ascended he choose to die.

Squire Reede Bluestar

Devoted Squire to Sir Lars. Perished in the Ascension War, refusing to be left behind again, chose to accompany her knight.

Lord Adyan

Lord of the Land of Many Drinks, member of Folkestone: Lost in the Well of Souls, Perished in the Ascension War. Lord Adyan, once wielder of the Champion Blade, sought the Queen┬╣s hand in marriage after the first death of Sir Callin of Folkestone. In the middle of the courtship a spell caused by the mysterious wish coins caused him to become 16 again, forgetting his love for the Queen and his fealty to Chimeron. Folkestone took young Adyan in and made him a member while he resumed the normal aging process. Eventually another wish coin was used to reverse the process, but it also made Sir Callin return to life, and Lord Adyan saw his Queen torn between the two men. He started taking more and more hazardous missions, some said to prove his love for her, and was eventually lost in the Well of Souls. The gods allowed him to return for the Ascension War where he championed the Goddess of Order. When Sir Shane ascended, Adyan was finally lost.

Pol Coville

Advisor to the Crown, PBTT: Lost in the Astral Plane Pol, brother of Angus and Dirk, was the young Queen Meg's first advisor. One of the original followers of Princess Meg before the founding of Chimeron, his cleverness and magical abilities made him almost universally hated by everyone outside of Chimeron. The same wish coin that made Adyan young and brought Sir Callin back from the dead made Pol old. Despite the fact that he believed that the Queen and everyone he knew had died, he took part in a ritual to try to save the Realms from the Nameless One. Part of the ritual went wrong, and Pol was unable to return to his body from astral space. Although his body is dead, it is believed that Pol still lives, old and bitter, in Astral Space... we think...

Sir Fletch of Darkvale

Sacrificed his soul to restore Queen Meg's. After Queen Meg was killed and scalped by the King of Verai in a surprise attack at the Carnival of the Black Rose, Sir Fletch a Knight of Darkvale, went on a quest ask the Lords of the Underworld to restore the Queen, who he loved, to life. He willingly sacrificed his soul so that the Queen could return to her body after it had been healed. The gods were kind to the two and merged his soul with Meg's so that they would never be apart again. Meg, who was unaware of his feelings for her at the time, becomes pensive now whenever Sir Fletch is mentioned.

Simoon of Tuath Fasach

Lady of Chimeron

Simoon, though not a member of Chimeron, fought valiantly against the forces of Pathos. Carrying Lemlok, a blade only able to be used by women warriors, she spent her life defending the Realms from Pathos' tryanny and his plagues. Consumened by the curse of Pathos, she was made a lady of Chimeron post-mortem.


Sir Owen Colteor McKrye

Bouquet D'Amandes

Dame Valerie Hart

Dame Altana Cecil