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The Founding of Chimeron: Michael's Tale by Carmina Quill.

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July 20th, 1991 - Celtic Water War: Lady Dee, Princess Meg, and Lady Cassia meet Shane and Pol Coville. They join Chimeron shortly thereafter.

September 1st, 1991 - The Siege of Rrathchllwyn 3: Meg gives up her Princess of Valehaven title. Meg is crowned by her people. Lady Anne and Sir Taurdhel declare her Queen. The rest of Chimeron keeps their mouth shut and nods wisely. Angus Coville is the first person to kneel and swear fealty to the crown after Chimeron is declared a Kingdom.

September 7th, 1991 - Duke of Glendale: Pol Coville, backed by the newly formed Kingdom of Chimeron, runs for Duke of Glendale. The Chimeron team is defeated by Folkestone and Kara is made Duchess of Glendale.

March 21st, 1992 - First Crown Tourney: Shane gets made a Knight of the Crown: Knights of the Crown Founded. Chimeron members sweep the tournies.

April 2nd, 1992 - Tourney of Fools: Darkvale swears fealty to Chimeron.

July 18th, 1992 - The Wars for Addison: Chimeron, Folkestone and other nations successfully defend their lands from an invasion of Kugablien. Makhta's first event.

October 17th, 1992 - Realms' Charity Event: Following pieces of a blue cube, Angus and Pol Coville unearth the Mace of Rhomer from the bedrock underneath Castle Bob. ?Founding of the Avatars of Chimeron, Sir Angus first member.

January 23rd, 1993 - Blackavar MidwinterFeast: In conjunction with Princess Vrille of Blackavar, Lady Dee and Lady Cassia try their hand at cooking. The Chimeron Servants Guild is formed.

February 7th, 1993 - The 1st Annual Feast of Chimeron: This was an invite only feast, only members of Chimeron were allowed to attend. This was McKrye's first event.

June 12th, 1993 - Realms Fair and Auction: Queen Meg was Knighted a Knight of the Realms by Sir Highrider. Tetch Wildsong appears.

August 21st, 1993 - Arthurian 4: The Knights of the End, constituting Adyan, Daniel, Pol, Conf' and others are formed. Sir Callin beats out Sir Fletch in a game of rock-paper-scissors (cosmic ray gun!) to win the right to throw himself in the Cauldron, sacrificing himself to save the Realms.

October 2nd, 1993 - Defenders of Duckwater: Taithen declares himself King of Verai and holds a formal swearing ceremony. Queen Meg is invited to witness the might of his following.

October 31st, 1993 - Feast of the Scarlet Wench: Duncan Conrad, rescued by Lorien, comes to the Realms to eventually found Rhiassa. Queen Meg makes Sir Callin an Avatar of Chimeron post mortem. ?Princess Vrille throws a feast and has herself crowned Queen of Blackavar. Queen Meg publically challenges her for her title, claiming that with only 3 people sworn to her, she does not have enough followers. Nothing ever comes of it.

March 19th, 1994 - 2nd Annual Feast of Chimeron: Lady Dee is kidnapped by King Oberon out of the arms of her betrothed, Sir Highrider. ? Qua Taereth Nunna is founded:

April 16th, 1994 - Carnival of the Black Rose: Verai abruptly declares war on Chimeron. Queen Meg is surprised and scalped by King Taithen of Verai. Sir Highrider is also scalped in the melee, and because of the loss of the wish coins, he is unrecoverable. Sir Highrider begins his long stay in Hades.

April 23rd, 1994 - Questing in Periden: Sir Fletch sacrifices his scalp in Hades to return that of Queen Meg's. Meg returns to life with her soul twinned to Fletch's.

June 12th, 1994 - War of Souls: Nemesis takes over many of the members of Chimeron and the land explodes into civil war. During the ritual to banish Nemesis, Pol Coville is lost in Astral space. Nemisis is banished.

July 9&10, 1994 - Feast of Min IV: McKrye challenges King Verai for Meg's scalp which has been cursed. Greatly outnumbered and with the tide of popularity turning against him, King Taithen flees the event site. Princess Cora of Verai also vanishes.

February 11, 1995 - First Annual Blackwood Feast: Lady Dee marries Prince Nigel of Blackwood, becoming Princess Dee. Tension arises between Blackwood and Chimeron and harsh words are spoken between Monarchs.

April 1st, 1995 - Third Annual Feast of Chimeron: Prince Nigel publishes a letter calling Queen Meg's honor into question and deploring her and her people's actions at his feast. Meg apologizes for her attitude but challenges him to a duel to the scalp for questioning her honor. Meg defeats and then scalps Nigel. Later she returns the scalp, and peace is resumed between the two nations.

July 1st, 1995 - Wife Quest 2: Adyan wins the right to court Queen Meg of Chimeron. On the same day he looses the Champion blade. King Oberon binds Queen Meg to the Staff of the Earth.

July 8&9th, 1995 - Questing in Rhiassa: Sir Highrider, in an attempt to break out of Hades unleashes the Dogs of War upon the Realms. Sir Daniel, Sir Shane, Sir Gonf, Sir Callin of Folkestone and Queen Meg are turned into Dogs of War.

July 14-16th, 1995 - The Crystal Shard: Meerkat is knighted a Knight of the Crown.

October 7-8th, 1995 - Under a Full Moon: Zeek Folethor's first event

March 30th, 1996 - 4th Annual Feast of Chimeron: War of the Roses: The Dogs of War, led by Blade make an abrupt reappearance. Rhiassa swears fealty to Queen Meg. Prince Morgil clasps hands with Meg in friendship.

June 22-23rd, 1996 - KoEF II: "Pyromania"- Clan McKrye was founded.

October 19th, 1996 - Black and White Masquerade II: Day of the Dead- The Mages and Healers at the festival have visions of a year in the future where Chimeron have fallen at the hands of the faries. ?The Chimeron Militia is formed.

May 3&4th, 1997 - Feast of Chimeron V: Chimeron declared a day of Goblin Hunting, since there seemed to be an inordinate crop of them this year. Quick and Sorshana were released from the Curse of the Darkwood Sword. Gonvf, Sir Pyr, and Company pull Soulis, the sixth Wayland Blade, straight from the core of a tree.

June 13th, 1997 - The Dream War: The Nameless One's Avatar, Skullcrusher, was destroyed by McKrye.

August 7&8, 1997 - Dark Vision 5, "Phenomenal Field": In a war against the Aspis, Darkvale falls under Aspis control. Shoshanna and Blak of the Clan are killed and replaced with dream demons. Makhta and McKrye knighted as KoEF.

September 13th, 1997 - What Fools These Mortals Be: The Fairies attack Chimeron, the seven Wayland blades are reunited and the Fury is unleashed. Blak, Lucas and Meerkat are swept up as part of the Fury and later released. ?Princess Cora of Verai is scalped. Heron rebuilds Castle Chimeron, completely out of a single piece of ------stone, exactly how he remembered it...but with that 5th wizard's tower that was always suppose to be there. Stone masons estimate that it will take several months to chisee enough doors open, and otherwise bring the castle up to a livable condition. Somewhere in there, Heron Silver sacrificed all of his magical ability to become the Wild Mage, so that he could destroy one of the Wayland Blades, allowing the Realms to defeat and destroy the others. This was Brynn's first event.

September 20th, 1997 - KoEF III: The Nemesis wraiths made an appearance. This was Owen's first event.

October 25th, 1997 -The Black and White Masquerade III: The assassination of Prince Morgil Ravenswing caused a political uproar. This was Tarnisha's first event.

December 5th, 1997 - Queen Meg mysteriously vanishes. Shane, with the assistance of Cassia begins to act as Regent. The information is not public knowledge

April 11th, 1998 - Prisoner's Dilemma: Sir Pyr and Lucas, 1 1/2 miles underground find Queen Meg. The Cup of Mist was recovered.

May 2nd, 1998 - Feast of Chimeron 6(/Lost Gate 7): Queen Meg is married to Sir Callin of Folkestone. That night she is kidnapped by the Nameless One.

May 9th, 1998 - Lost Gate 8: The Nameless one is destroyed, and Queen Meg returned.

June 27th, 1998 - Loose Threads: Queen Meg holds a council of Law. The Borderlands declares that if anything comes of it they will declare war. The council is considered a failure, but it is from that point Sir Pyr of Eagle's Rook begins work on the Stone Shield Alliance.

August 22-23rd, 1998 - Queen of Hearts V: Rebecca marries Gonf, McKrye wins Best General.

October 10th, 1998 - Black & White: Sir Wil was elevated to the Royal House of Chimeron and made an Avatar of Chimeron. McKrye and Makhta are married.

November 7th, 1998 - KOEF IV: Flashfires: Blak, returned from Hades is named Sheriff of Chimeron. A number of weeks later Brynn and Owen join Clan McKrye.

February 5th, 1999 - 5th Annual Feast of Rhiassa. Lucas of Rhiassa is made an Avatar of Chimeron. The Queen grants Nathaniel of Rhiassa a plot of land and the title of Lord. Dan'Glecko comes into existence. A letter is received from Tarquin d'Verai demanding the heads of Lars, Lucas, Meerkat and Alyias for the scalping of Princess Cora of Verai.

April 1999 - Save Kerigan: Makhta gives birth to twins- Nivea and Kerigan.

May 8th, 1999 - Feast of Chimeron 7: The Stone Shield Alliance is created, Chimeron becomes one of the original signing members. Rhiassa and Qua Taereth Nunna also sign. An Ambassador from Verai arrives at the feast to demand the payment to Tarquin. Queen Meg tells him to pound sand. Prince Morgil of Gwen Etlin claims that Tarquin is a fake. Sir Callin tells the Ambassador to take it up with Folkestone first, since the killing happened in their lands. The Ambassador is mysteriously slain on his way out of Chimeron. Owen defeats the pike wielding Nemesis Wraith (1st incarnation) in single combat, takes belt.

May 15th, 1999 - The Ascension War: Sir Shane ascends to sit at the right hand of Rawanom, God of War. Sir Lars, Sir Daniel Roseblade, Lord Aydan, Squire Treeve, Squire Shoshanna and Sheriff Blak are killed during the war.


July 30th, 1999 - Time Everlasting:The Final Moongate : Pathos was defeated.

August 28th, 1999 - Queen of Hearts 6: Sir Lucas becomes the Champion of Rhiassa. Heron McKrye wins Best General.

October 16th, 1999 -Tournaments of Victory 1: Heros discover the Book of Winter, a book of prophecy which told of the seven plagues which Pathos spoke into the world with his final breath. These plagues, if allowed to run to completion, would unravel the fabric of the multiverse and stop the movement of the Wheel.

May 13th, 2000 - Feast of Chimeron 8: Hunt it, Kill it, Eat it- Makhta is knighted as a Knight of the Realms.

August 27th, 2000 - North/South War: Third McKrye baby, Amerok, is born. Makhta grabbed her pike and went back to the front line afterwards.

August 27th, 2000 - Queen of Hearts 6: Owen becomes the Champion of Rhiassa. Makhta wins the Champions tourney. McKrye, Zeek, Dirk, Lucas and others go questing into the spirit void.

May 12th, 2001 - Feast of Chimeron 9: The combined armies of the Realms marched on Pathos, who had secured himself within the keep of the recently deceased Anton, teacher to the first court mage of Chimeron. The heroes attacked the fort, claimed the Staff of the Wheel, and lured Pathos out of the fort and into a ritual which would destroy him, the Umbra, and the Guardian of the Wheel.

January 20th, 2002 - Feast of Leviathan: Lady Cassia is kidnapped by Oberon, who closes all gates to Fae, making good his escape. Sir Callin, Veros, Sir Dirk (and 2? others?) are the first to make a rescue attempt, and consequently are stranded in Fae.

March 3rd, 2002 - Feast of Rhiassa 8: In a ritual, all paradoxes created by Pathos were righted, and Pathos was defeated for all time.

May 5th, 2002 - Feast of Chimeron 10: Oberon opens the gates of Fae and invites the mortals to his Feast hall to partake of the food prepared by a mortal, Lady Cassia. Queen Meg begins residing under The Hill (in Fae), a position that her father had been occupying. Heron stays at the Hill to guard Meg. Zeek is adopted into the Royal House of Chimeron. Sir Pyr is knighted to the Knights of Fairhaven and then the KoEF. Sir Pyr is made "of the blood" (the blood line of Chimeron) and secceeds Meg. Many new and interesting Fae are seen, including an "InsectaFae" named Bouquet who decides to explore beyond the gates of Fae and into the mortal realms.

May 24th, 2002 Queen of Hearts 9: Owen becomes Champion of Rhiassa & Chimeron (?or was Chimeron the following year?)

June 23rd, 2002 - The Coronation of King Pyr: King Pyr was formally coronated, and took all of the attendent oaths. Zeek is name as Royal Advisor to the King. Tarnisha is named Royal Blacksmith and made a Lady of the Court. Sir Lucas is named as Warlord of Chimeron. Makela is named Healer of Rhiassa.

Oct 4th, 2002 Battle for New Darkharbor: Jeyde Thunderwalker arrived in the Realms, and immediately took to Magus Alexander Cecil and the red mage Rel Zhirah. She joined the Guild of the Beast soon there after.

March 9th, 2003 - Feast of Rhiassa 9: Cecil swears to Chimeron.

May 10th, 2003 Feast of Chimeron 11: The spirit of Cuchulain, the mortal hero of the Red Branch, is returned to rest with the return of his long stolen items. (Specifically the Cup of Myst, Demon Bone Sword, Crown of Crows, Staff of the Earth/Chimeron.) Cuchulain's guard is bestowed to Owen for the return of the Red Branch's lost items.

Oct. 18th, 2003 - B&W: Owen is knighted to the Order of the Red Branch (Knight Commander). Due to the passing of Sir Lucas, Owen is made the Warlord of Chimeron. Lady Tarnisha, Sir Makhta, and Sir Owen are all inducted into the Royal House of Chimeron. Zeek and Sir Wil were on hand to assist His majesty in welcoming the new additions. This was Cimone's first event.

Febuary 20th, 2004 - Hypothermia: A ritual Bouquet and Nero had both been previous involved in some time ago, resulted in the birth of Aberes on this cold winter's day.

May 1st, 2004 - Feast of Chimeron 12: Brynn is knighted to the Order of the Red Branch. Cuchulain's Vestments are recovered in some caves beneath a rebel goblin stronghold of Robin G.

May 15th, 2004 - G&G 6: AEston is knighted to the Order of the Red Branch (and named first knight)

August 21st, 2004 - Queen of Hearts 11: Cuchulain's Truth is recovered. A Waylin bomb is released upon the realms. Bouquet was hit with it and sent to bedlam.

September 12th, 2004 - Island of Dr. Slashblight: Nemesis Wraiths return to the realms. Cecil disappears after reportedly punching the wall the Nemesis Wraiths has come out of and calling "Mage". Rel reports that "Beast says Cecil fine".

October 2nd, 2004 - Black & White: Cuchulain's Pride is recovered.

November 4th, 2004 - Feast of Victory 2: Jeyde and Brighthammer Icebreaker of Tuath Fasach are married. Aberes is taken as a Scribe to the Grey Order of Librarians.

January 22nd, 2005 -Return to Monk's Keep: Cecil shows up as the heroes approach the ruins, (i believe) being chased/followed by nemesis wraiths. Rekees & Cimone join Chimeron (pledged to Sir Owen).

March 6th, 2005 - Perchance to Dream: Sir Owen is revealed to be Cuchulain the True King of Fae. Lasandra, Duchess of Illusion, awakens.

April 30th, 2005 - Feast of Chimeron 13: Makela is knighted to the Order of the Red Branch. Sir Owen is knighted as an Avatar of Chimeron. Olivia, Duchess of Beauty and Tibolt, Duke of Wrath are awakened.

June 4th, 2005 - North/South War: Zeek becomes a Magus of the Realms.

August 6th, 2005 - Queen of Hearts 12: Sir Owen defeats the pike wielding Nemesis Wraith (2nd incarnation) in single combat and wins Champion of QoH for Lady Faelinn and her team. 'Pie making dagger' retrieved.

September 3rd, 2005 - Folkstone Questing: The palasad in QTN was besieged by the Cult of Zermarx. Due to time magic use within the area, McKrye show up from out of the past with the Mace of Romer to help. Tunnels are discovered below the palisade. Zermarx returns.

October 1st, 2005 - Now to 'Scape the Serpents' Tongue: Lord Nero ascends which leaves Hope, his daughter, in charge of Paradise.

October 29th, 2005 - Black & White: Gryff, Chan, & Amergin begin petitioning Chimeron. Boie-touched Bouquet returned to life. Resigning of the stonewall alliance.

November 4th, 2005 - Feast of Ivory II: Metron swears to Paradise.

December 10th, 2005 - The Wing Wherewith We Fly: The Great Library of Fae is reopened and Holophonies(sp?), Duke of Knowledge, awakens.

February 18th, 2006 By Any Other Name: The remains of Ophelia, Duchess of Blossoms, are recovered after having been drained by the Boise (Big Boise)

March 18th 2006 - Tiptoe through the Tulips: A group of heroes enter the dreaming, seeking to stop the owner of a skary from her actions and rescue those, alive or dead, who had succumbed to the sleeping sickness and inprisonment in her realm. (The owner's name is not mentioned here on the principal that she doesn't exits anymore and we don't talk about her to keep it that way.) They ran into two version of Varend while in the scary, possibly a result of him having unlocked a mirror at some point while there. The owner was defeated and those who were suffering from the sleeping sickness were recovered.

Somewhat later it was determined that Varend was acting funny - possibly acting in the interest of a being known as The Shadow who was seeking the destruction of the insectafae.

May 13th, 2006 - Feast of Chimeron XV: On the Field of Blood, Owen Ap Cuchulain proclaims that he is Cuchulain, the true King of Fae returned, and lays claim to the Kingship of Fae, declaring war upon Oberon & Tatania (and those that would stand with them). Owen, and those that would aid him, begin the Proving Grounds. __________, Duchess of Music, awakens and Ophelia, Duchess of Blossoms, embodies a sword. Pawldo is rescued from Night Sky and a new moon is created for them. At court: The Azure Guard, headed by Sir Owen, is officially/publicly founded (now that Katrina was back). Rekees, Cimone, and Verend are sworn in. Sir Zula is knighted to the Order of the Red Branch.

July 21st, 2006 - Rites of War 1- Battle to secure The Hill in Fae: Mortal forces engage Oberon's forces while seeking to secure The Hill for the protection and preservation of Chimeron. Magus Heron is transformed into the living embodiment of The Hill, and now guards it and our former Queen, Meg. (Don't mess with the hill guardian). The Hill is moved to under Chimeron Castle in the Mortal Realm.

September 2-4, 2006 - Folkestone Questing: Zermarx attacks the realms. Eagles Rook is burned by Vawn trying to slow his capture of the city. All lands but Idaris are eventually reclaimed by heros of the realms. Aberes is named temporary Librarian of ER.

September 8th, 2006 - The Story-Tellers II/Rites of War II: Owen, and those what would aid him, completed the Proving Grounds.

September 9th, 2006 - Terms and Conditions: Several expected heroes, including Varend, were noted missing at the beginning of the day. It was determined that they had been turned to fight for The Shadow and made to work against those aiding the insectafae. Upon completion of the ritual, those who had been turned to the shadow's side were released from his influence.

Oct 20th, 2006 - Heroes for Hire I: Buredan returns from the cycle.

October 28th, 2006 - Black & White: Buredan begins petitioning the Azure Guard and Dahal takes on the mantle of Champion of Chimeron.

March 2007 Fourth McKrye baby born. His naming was held off until McKrye's rescue.

March 16th, 2007 RoW IV: Duke of War (Coriolanus), Pride (Benedict), and Duchess of Prosperity (Portia) are awoken. Oberon closes the gates of Fae, but a small squad of Heroes gets into Fae to help the forces of Cuchulain battle Oberon's forces, led by Paris the new Duke of Magic. The Great Library falls and many other locations are captured by Cuchulain's forces. Bouquet is captured by Paris and King Pyr & Sir Shawn are scalped. Paris sacrifices Holophonese to devils, affirming his ties to hell.

April 15, 2007 - RoW V: Argyle falls to an army led by Paris (Duke of Knowledge), many are lost. Oberon's troops start marching on Chimeron proper. The peasant population of Argyle take refuge in Blackwater.

April 23rd, 2007: Sadly, the newfound lives of the refugees from Argyll came to an abrupt halt. After seven nights of merriment, song, sharing, and laughter in their new home, every man, woman, and child from Argyll failed to wake that morning. Local healers confirmed that every one of them is dead, and attempts to raise them were unsuccessful. In shock and mourning, the peasants of Blackwater dug mass graves for their short-known friends.

Despite having left the mortal realm during the days of the True Court and likely being the oldest mortals alive, the peasantry of Argyll looked no different than other humans, even the children. When so abruptly forced into the mortal realm once more, they failed to thive.

April 28th, 2007 - FoC 15/RoW 6: Chimeron is attacked by Oberon, walls breached, tunnels collapsed, and the North Gate was smashed open, but Oberon's forces are ultimately repelled. After treating with Owen, Pyr, and others, General Acacia withdraws her forces from the war in Fae. Oberon's forces slander Acacia, driving those loyal to her to fight and stand beside Cuchulain. Bouquet is rescued. At Court, Chan and Gryff join Chimeron. Pawldo, Cecil, and Sir Vawn are inducted into the Royal house.

May 6th, 2007 - Rights of War 7: Oberon, Titania, and those Dukes & Duchesses loyal to them are defeated and slain by a True court strike team/army. Owen ap Cuchulain reclaims the thrown of Fae and takes Bouquet(now called Nimbus) as queen. In both joy and sadness they part from the mortal world to begin rebuilding. Owen resolves remaining responsibilities within the mortal realm, and steps fully into his role as Cuchulain, true King of Fae. Cimone is named by Sir Owen to succeed him in leading the Azure Guard.

May 13th 2007 - Green & Gold 9: Illinarian forces (led by...) punch through the picket line defense on Paradise's southern border and attack the city. Heroes of the realms rush to aid and are able to fend off the overwhelming numbers and secure the city long enough for Cuchulain & Nymbus to arrive, bringing with them a battle hardened army from Fae who rout Illinar from the surrounding countryside.

June 9th, 2007 - North/South War: Sir Wil is knighted as KoEF.

Aug 5th, 2007 - Tournies of Mythgaurd II: Metron is fixed (after manipulations by the Ogre King and others).

October 12-14, 2007FoIvory '07: Jeyde petitions Chimeron.

Oct 27th, 2007 - Black & White: Several people swore fealty at B&W this year. Rel rejoined Chimeron. Rorrin, Gryffin and Harlest are sworn in to Paradise and Buredan swears fealty to the Azure Guard. Later that evening, Owen and Bouquet, now Cuchulain and Nimbus, were crowned King and Queen of Fae. Janna Flannery was made a Knight of the Eternal Flame.

June 14, 2008 -The Lion and the Dragon: McKrye is finally rescued from the spirit void of darkness after nearly eight years' imprisonment.