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The Mortal court was publicly announced at The Black and White of '05. At that time two Dukes/Duchesses were missing. I'll try to keep this list up to date.

-Lady Tarnisha
The ides of April, '06
Latest update: A week before ToCreathorne'07

D. Hope - King Pyr
D. Shade - Sir Zula
D. Seige - Magus Zeek
D. Mercy - Baron Diamond
D. Chaos - Dame Freesia
D. Storms - Higer
D. Defence- Draco
D. Piety - Squire Chan
D. Pride - Dame Shalindra
D. Balance- Dame Makela
D. Revelry- Syruss
D. Vigilance - King Jarrod
D. Determination- Kyomi
D. Retribution - Khol
D. Innovation - Lady Adara