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Chimeron Dictionary:

Avatar: A Knight of Chimeron. Their Knightly ability is to be able to absorb the wound from another and take it on to themselves instead. A self sacrificial power, if the Avatar takes on the scalping of someone it is commonly believed that since it was a willing sacrifice, that the scalp of the Avatar would never be retrievable. This has never been tried.

: Once more the Sheriff of Chimeron. He was serving as a Knight of Hades for a few years. (See sheep)

Chimeron Library: A little learning is a dangerous thing. The library is usually hauled out at parties.

Brenda: Minor northern Goddess. Usually brings us ice cream.

Official coin of the Realm. 30 Rowen equals one Crown.

Deep Hurting:
See under "Mama's Margarita's."

Dirk: Small, sharp knife, Commonly used for hunting. Also the name of the founder of the Guild of Confusion. He liked to get down with his bad self.

Drow: Evil underground elves responsible for the destruction of the original Rhiassa. If you find a dead one, please see the Herald of the court of Chimeron for application for Sheriff.

Elf Time: About 3 to 4 hours behind usual time. If Prince Eth says he will be there by noon, he means 4:00 PM.

Fae: (Fairy) The denisons of the woods around Chimeron. These creatures are more trouble than they are worth.

Faestone: Small stone used to ward off Fay. The fairystones are found dry, by the side of a stream & have had a hole bored into them by the action of the water. To protect against Chimeronian brides from being kidnapped, they are commonly given one to wear during the ceremony.

Fury, The:
Seven demons summoned by assembling the 7 Swords of Wayland in one place. The deamons take over the bodies of the wielders of the swords. Since the destruction of one of the swords (Belith) believed to be impossible to summon again. No one has tried. Read as Chimeron no-no. Please see Sheriff if attempting.

"Head or Gut":
A phrase used to distract a friend while you kill them...For thier own good of course.

King's pants, The:
No one speaks of The King's Pants! (Yeah, like we're gonna tell you what that was all about.)

Marriage: An often attempted, seldom attained state of bliss. We'd put more, but they're pretty rare for us. No, really.

Member of the Order of the Magi. Magus Prime: the Head of the Order of the Magi.

Mama's Margarita's: A killer drink served in the Bar and Wench. Generally causes extreme hangovers (Deep Hurting) the next day. Rumored to have been passed down to Lady Cassia by Queen Meg, who had the recipe from her mother. Not to be drunk lightly.

Members of Qua Taereth Nuuna. This term was coined when the members of this county were young and mostly innocent. Most of the citizens of Qua Taereth Nuuna are older and wiser now, so the phrase is really no longer applicable.

This was a term of endearment of the people of Chimeron for Queen Meg, as in "Yes, your Megitude." If a non citizen of Chimeron were caught using this term to the Queen's face, the members of Chimeron would have consider it disrespectful.

Plaid: Commonly referred to as 'Œskir'¹, followd by a 'Œwhum'¹ & "dead." See Shane.

Realms Time: About 1 hour behind usual time. If court is supposed to start at 6:00, it usually starts at 7:00.

Rock, Paper, Scissors:
A method for determining the best choice in a situation where all sides are equal. Don¹t play against Sir Callin of Folkstone. He cheats to win.

Rowen: Official coin of the Realm of Chimeron. A Rowen is about a days wage. 30 Rowen equal one silver Crown.

Royal House:
The King's personal household. The King considers these people his family and their advice and help keeps Chimeron running smoothly. Each member of the household has a permanent room set up for them in the castle, regardless of where they make their permanent address.

Sally: Someone who is a coward, as in "He is such a sally." Also, a moment of cowardice, as in "I ran like a sally!"

Scapegoat: This is a position held within the court of Chimeron. If something goes wrong it is the scapegoats' fault. Period. This position is commonly held for life. Please see the Court Herald for an application.

Past Theign of Cawdyll. Ascended to the right hand of Rowinom, the God of Raging battle. Has never worn skirt.

See Blak.

Smite: The process whereby the Sheriff of Chimeron usually loses his job.

Speedbump: See Folkstone for defintion. Ask nicely.

Who? Never heard of him.

A towel for cleaning up spills. Please... don't ask, it's a long and embarrassing story.

A coin of the Realm, 3 Wenches equals 1 Rowen. Also: A woman who serves drinks in a tavern, Unlike other Kingdoms, there is no implicit assumption that a Wench will also provide sexual favors for a price. Wench is not considered an insult in Chimeron. The Queen was often referred to as a Wench by her oldest friends. Newbies are not advised to make such a reference on their own.

"You know I love you, right?":
This phrase is often used to bridge that akward situation when you *have to* kill a person who is like family to you. You know- like they are possesed or they have been turned into a Vampire. Sometimes the only way to get better is to be dead (and/or scalped).