Chimeron's Kitchen

THE ORDER OF THE SPOON is a Guild Order dedicated to training, supporting and awarding Realms Feastocrats. (A feastocrat is an eventholder, or eventholder's assistant specializing in food - everything from pretzels and water at a short one-day event, to dinner and breakfast at a two-day event, to a full-fledged, eight hour, multi-course feast.) The Order supports new members by providing mentoring and training, and maintains equipment, recipe files and information transfer for all its members. The Order has three levels of membership:

APPRENTICE - a new member, with little experience, an apprentice is mentored by a more experienced Feastocrats to learn the skills needed - from practical cooking techniques to planning and organization to people and time management.

JOURNEYMAN - a member with experience, who plans their own feasts and runs their own kitchens, but within the context of someone else's event.

MASTER - our most experienced members, who earn their Mastery by planning, organizing and executing a feast-based event of their own, as the primary eventholder as well as the feastocrat.

All three levels of membership are permitted to wear the Order emblem - a wooden spoon. Masters are gifted with spoons painted with their personal colors. While being a feastocrat is serious stuff - you may need to feed 150 people for a weekend, or may need to provide His Majesty with a 7 course Royal Feast on under $10 per person - the best part of being a feastocrat is getting to play with your food. The meals served at events will often fit into the event's plot in some way or another. A feastocrat may wind up designing the food to fit into a medieval tavern, or create huge pots of stew to feed an army on the march. She may need to provide treats created by faeries, wedding cakes for swordpoint weddings, or sculpt edible "subtleties" to amuse the event goers.

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THE SERVANT'S GUILD is a support group for members of the Order of the Spoon. They provide the working staff of assistant cooks, dishwashers, and waiters for a feastocrat's kitchen. They are also the players in the game that make attending feasts more fun. They are the rude waiters who sneer down their noses at you for needing to borrow a plastic fork. They are the comely wenches with the tight bodices who flirt with you when refilling your mug. They are the ones who will drop everything in their hands, race across the floor, only to throw themselves to their knees for a ten-foot skid that lands them at His Majesty's feet when the King calls out "Servant!" ( the infamous "Servant Slide").

It's hard work, but it's necessary work, and if you're willing to play the game, it's fun work. It is also one of the best introductions to the Realms available - spending your first day as a servant gives you something to do and a group of enthusiastic and dedicated players to do it with. You can gain instant recognition and appreciation, and get to know people (both the characters and the players behind them) socially before you go off to kill monsters with them.