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Ye Bar and Wench

This is the Tavern located within Chimeron Town. Founded and run by Lady Dee, the tavern has been a favorite place to relax and drink since its inception in 1991. The heroes to the Realms are no strangers to its hospitality and music, and many a bowl of dragon chili has been consumed in front of the hearth there. On the second floor of the Bar and Wench is the Keep of the Scarlet Torch, a house devoted to pleasure in all its forms. The Keep was started by Lady Cassia, Chatelaine of Castle Chimeron under Queen Meg. Many are the heroes who have found their way here as well...

Tales Told

During the long cold nights of winter, many tales are told over mugs of Lady Dee's finest brew. Some tell tales of mighty deeds done by brave heroes. Some tell of ghosts and monsters to make you shiver and gulp your ale. Some tell stories to make their companions laugh. And as the night wears on, and the level of beer left in the keg drops, the stories grow wilder and more doubtful. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of these tales. We merely record them as they were told, on long nights as the rain and the beer poured down:

The Ballad of Sir Pyr
The Battle of Rhiassa
The Dragon
The Bedtime Story and the Dragon
Cassia's Dragon
The Fox, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Michael's Tale Part 1, Part 2
One that Got Away
Ubi Sunt
White Roses
The Weaver

Songs Sung

Chimeron War Song
Dead and Drunk at the Bar and Wench
I'm Just Me

On the Field of the Fay
The Ballad of Sir McKrye
Hysterical Recreation
My Realms
The Red Branch Chronology
(Queen Meg's) War Song

March of Cambreadth
Queen of Argyll
Wild Rover
Cherry Tart
The Trees Grow High
The Ballad of the Blue Falcon

Drinks Served

Drink Recipes
Zeeks's Beast Mead Recipe
Zeek's Mead Record book '03-Feb'07
Moniack Mead

Favored traveling Bards